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There are plenty of cafes in Odense, so it is important to find the right one for the earliest opportunity. By this is meant that certain cafes are good at making coffee drinks, while others make delicious dishes or drinks. However, we have made it easy for you. Here the list of the best cafes in Odense you can easily find the café you're looking for. Here are namely sorting features, descriptions, pictures, directory, contact information and more attached to the cafes.


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  • Sirup's Coffee Wine Bar

    Sirup's Coffee Wine Bar

    Do you want to visit somewhere in Odense center, where you can get both coffee and wine at good prices as students? Then Sirup's coffee and wine bar is definitely for you! At the address Jernbanegade 6 in the center of Odense you will find this small café, where quality, down to earth and coziness are paramount.   As a student, it is clearly also a place where you feel extremely welcome…

  • Mr. Torp

    Mr. Torp

    Do you want to visit a café in the center of Odense, which makes happy and heart-warming dishes that are made on fresh ingredients and love? Then you have to go past Mr. Torp! Mr. Torp is a small café which is located at the address Vintapperstræde 47. The cafe is owned by Michael Torp, from which the cafe's name originates. In his small and cozy cafe, he wants his guests to…

  • The Little Narrow

    The Little Narrow

    Looking for a cafe that serves slow juice, hot drinks, various light-hearted dishes, smoothie-bowls and much more at some fair prices, The Little Smalle might be the place for you as a student in Odense. The cafe is located in the…

  • The Food Stall

    The Food Stall

    The Food Stall is located at two different addresses in Odense: in Magasin at Vestergade 20 and at Odense railway station at Østre Stationsvej 27. At The Food Stall you get healthy take   away on the go, whether it be…

  • Café Unika

    Café Unika

    The newly opened café Unique invites you to homely cosiness with tasty, simple and aesthetically beautiful dishes at the address Albanigade 17 in Odense C near Benedict's Square. Café Unika started in 2019 by three…

  • Cafe Chino

    Cafe Chino

    Cafe Chino is a cozy cafe in downtown Odense, Cafe Chino is located in Brandts Passage, which is a side street of Vestergade. It is a good place for students with a penchant for low prices and large portions. The menu is dominated by traditional cafe dishes with everything from brunch and burgers, sandwiches and salads, to nachos, pasta and rice dishes and steak of beef fillet. The food tastes…

  • Café Vivaldi

    Café Vivaldi

    Café Vivaldi in Odense is located in the middle of Odense on the corner of Vestergade and Jernbanegade. Vivaldi is a café chain in Denmark, founded in 1999, and today has a total of 17 cafés around the country. The café is furnished with a cozy atmosphere where you can really feel welcome and at home. There are two floors and a banquet room with room for 20 guests in…

  • Konrads Food and Coffee

    Konrads Food and Coffee

    Do you want to visit a café in the center of Odense, where everything is made from the bottom and which has an extremely cozy environment and atmosphere? Then you can take a look past cafe Konrads at the address Overgade 32. At Konrads you have the opportunity to find something that falls to your taste. Whatever this is a game of brunch, salad, sandwiches, sandwiches, tapas or homemade…

  • Nouvelle


    Nouvelle is a breakfast and lunch café located in the center of Odense. Here good quality at good prices is one of the most important things that they themselves emphasize in the cafe. The cafe is located centrally in Odense on Pogestræde 31A. Nouvelle is a breakfast and lunch café located in the center of Odense. Here good quality at good prices is one of the most important…

  • Confectionery The cake box

    Confectionery The cake box

    The cake shop Kagedåsen is centrally located in the heart of Odense at the address Brandts Passage 31D. The pastry shop Kagedåsens focus is cosiness and good ingredients, and they take pride in making all cakes from scratch.     At Konditoriet Kagedåsen, the passion for the sweet kitchen is in the forefront, and quality, cosiness and presence go hand in hand in the…

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