Baboon Coffee

Baboon Coffee is a coffee shop and coffee roastery located at the address Albanigade 54 C in Odense C close to Benedikt's Square. With the place, the owners want to create a coffee experience with the character of high-quality coffee beans, and they also want to spread the good coffee taste to everyone - but without it having to cost a fortune. The coffee shop is open Monday to Saturday, where you can get in and get a coffee experience out of the ordinary. For Baboon Coffee, good coffee is a science that requires good craftsmanship and the right conditions, and they do everything to brew the best cup of coffee for you.

At Baboon Coffee, the coffee is in the center, and the place combines a unique coffee experience with a cozy atmosphere where there is room for everyone. The comfortable and laid-back interior invites you to a cozy environment where everyone can feel welcome, and the coffee shop is the perfect place to take a break and relax. The cozy and informal atmosphere invites for immersion and relaxation, and you can easily spend many hours in the nice surroundings.

Baboon Coffee is owned by Thomas Mindegaard Jensen and Christian Juul Hansen, and their goal with the coffee shop is to provide coffee beans that should be the setting for a special flavor and fragrance coffee experience for everyone. The enthusiastic and accommodating staff are ready to guide and guide you, and together you can find your personal taste favorite among the many coffees.

Baboon Coffee offers various brewing methods in the coffee world, and they can brew a variety of different types of coffee drinks. For the coffee roast, which wants to challenge its taste buds, the place also offers a taste set of coffee brewed on three different types of coffee. But Baboon Coffee is not just a place for coffee roe. Everyone is welcome and they have coffee for every taste.

For the little hunger the place also offers many different eats - everything from panini, organic freshly baked buns with butter and cheese to sweet cases in the form of freshly baked croissants, muffins, flap jacks and cookies. Everything is made from good raw materials that fully harmonize with the high quality of the coffee.

In addition to being a cozy coffee bar with the highest quality coffee, the place also contains a micro-grid, where all guests have the opportunity to buy the home-made coffee home. That way, you can take home the unique coffee experience and share it with friends and family at home. You can also use the webshop on their website, where you have the opportunity to read more about the different types of coffee beans they have, and where with a few clicks you can order the beans home to yourself.

Baboon Coffee offers, besides good home-made coffee and cozy surroundings, different types of events and events in the coffee shop. For example, they have a food club every month, which you can buy a ticket at in the coffee shop, and they also occasionally hold wine tasting in the coffee shop. Visit their Instagram profile (baboon coffee) to see when the next event will take place.


Albanigade 54 C, 5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 61 31 44 47

Opening Hours

Mandag til fredag: 09-17.30
Lørdag: 09-15
Lukket på helligdage.


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