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Tours with the class, friends or boyfriend at the best possible price

So you're looking for the perfect study class, or perhaps a well-deserved vacation for yourself and your friends, or maybe your girlfriend? You've come to the right place, not only we help you find exactly the journey that you're looking for. We also ensure, through research and collaboration agreements that you as young or students get access to the best possible prices.

Our focus is in addition to making it easy, perfect and cheap also to make it flexible. Therefore, it says little information for each item. We know that you work hard and now just want to book a holiday, but use just a few minutes to read the information for each item as it can save you much money and effort. If you already have control of everything, and just want to start with the order, so take advantage of our shortcuts just below instead.

Your shortcut to a safe and cheap trip

Travel descriptions for your next study trip:

1. Airplane and transport

Enjoy the flight and get the trip at a good price
In this step-by-step guide, we imagine that you already have an idea of ​​where you want and that you want to fly to and from the key destination. If it is not, then you'll soon find inspiration and other options in the step-by-step wizard.

It is rare that other means of transport can compete with airplanes alone if you look at the price. If you also take into account the increased safety of flying and time savings, choosing a plane as a means of transport is a no-brainer, unless you have special preferences, or want a road trip or similar.

Therefore, the challenge is to find the best flight for the price and it is both simple and complex at the same time. It is easy to find the cheapest airline from A to B, but you will recognize the possibility of using different airports, the fare to get to and from the airports, the service and the convenience of the aircraft, and extra charges for everything from luggage to toilet visits, yes then you need to know what to do. Or use our guide. And it is worth doing, too often there is a lot to spare, or extra to get. So let's get started.

A. Which airports can you fly from?

Many in Zealand and Funen automatically choose Kastrup, as a departure point and travel lighthouse in Jutland, looking towards Billund or Aalborg. But like Danes you should look a little broader. Both because we are so small a country with good infrastructure so we can easily go to a different airport than the nearest but especially because it is often significantly cheaper to fly from, for example, Hamburg or Malmö. Furthermore, we can say that the service and flight age are often preferable to a German company than a Danish.

When you choose possible airports, those you really can fly from often end up being: Kastrup, Billund, Malmö and Hamburg. The latter are often where you get the best value and easiest to come to (no bridges, etc.).

Therefore, the first step is to move on to this recommended service that compares thousands of air fares for you . Here you systematically enter the various options and also remember that there are often different options for airports in the country you are going to.

B. Transport to and from airports

When you know which airport you are going to, the transportation to and from these must also be arranged. Depending on how many you are and where you go, there are different options. Basically, it is usually cheaper to make use of the local transport to and from the airports, but if you are many or you do not know the local language, booking a shuttle service can be a great advantage. It goes without saying that the latter is also most comfortable and not necessarily much more expensive than local transport.

Many airlines and the aforementioned comparison service often offer you this at favorable prices, but there is often more money to save if you spend just a few minutes on this self. Our experience is that simple searches on Google are the best solution in this case. Eg. Would you like to find a shuttle service in London to search for "shuttle service london heathrow".

In Denmark we have DSB and as long as you are young or students, the prices are to be done. If you are unable to get a discount at DSB, it is often an advantage to spit together and have a friend to drive the company to the airport.

2. A good place to stay

Find a nice hotel room at the right price
This is probably the part of the trip that most people look forward to ordering. Where to live? With views, in a nice setting, cheap but safe, close to an attraction, or something else? With this recommended service that compares infinitely many offers for you , you can make the most of your money based on the requirements you make.

But; With some simple advice you can get even more out of it. Start signing up for the service, hdo not you already know it. This will result in you getting free every ten nights. There may seem a long way, but suddenly you're there and it's nevertheless 10% you save by spending 2 minutes extra.

From there, there are some good tips to follow. Once you have chosen your criteria, which area you want to live in, your price limit, etc., you should sort the results by user ratings. Consider only places that have relatively many user ratings. Often, on popular destinations, hundreds are. One with five stars from two reviews can not be used for anything.

Now you will easily get an overview of the places that meet your criteria and others like. Now take a look to the right of the price. Often, you can find places that achieve the same user satisfaction and meet your conditions at a more than 50% lower price than the others.

Once you have chosen the place it should be, you can often choose between different rooms or the like. Often, as young as student, choose the cheapest, but do yourself the favor of choosing one of the marginally more expensive if possible. It often adds a lot of extra in relation to the per-krone you spend and further increases the chance that the hotel simply upgrades you to a super nice room. Taking the cheapest is the chance of this almost non existent.

If you feel that you need to check out further, we can recommend this profound social travel page that has a lot of info about most places. Furthermore you will find the best restaurants, sights, etc. in the area. A fairly invaluable tool. However, the booking of travel and places from there can not match the above.