Studenterguidens Careertest: What should you major in?

There are thousands of opportunities for those who have not yet chosen an education, or who may want to start on a brand new? If any, we know behind how difficult it can be to find out where to start. Therefore we have created a training test, which only takes a few minutes to complete, but can give you inspiration, an idea where to start then or perhaps even dreams the training that you had never thought of before.

Education test uses your answers to sort our thousands of programs from many parameters. When it's completed, we'll present the programs for you. If you are logged in, you can even easily save the most interesting courses to your profile and compare them. We hope to help you along the way. Tip: If you are not a free member with us, so keep it in here and get the most benefit from training test. You can log in via Facebook below.

Are you career orientated?
Is the salary important to you?
Would you mind fluctuating working hours?
Would you like to have the responsibility of others?
Do you enjoy team work?
Kilde: Rigspolitiet
Is it important to you to be able to self-determine how to work?
Will it suit you best to have a job with fixed working hours (09AM - 05PM)
Do you like to plan, organize and analyse?
Are you creative and do you enjoy art, plays etc.?
Is physical fitness and sport of importance to you?
Do you enjoy travel, learning about new cultures and languages?
Do you mind travelling as a part of your job?
Do you prefer a job with a lot of hands on tasks instead of theoretical tasks?
Would you like to educate others?
Are you prepared to study for many years to come?
Have you already attended high school or are you prepared to complete it?
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It was helpful especially to those who doesn't know yet which path to take.

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Testen virkede fin, og det var gode illustrationer så det ikke blev for kedeligt. En god test, som er ret hurtigt overstået.

5 5 1
Godt lavet. Kom nogenlunde hvad jeg forventede + nogle boblere!

5 5 1
Har prøvet en del tests som denne, men synes resultaterne ift. den relativt korte tid, der skulle bruges på input er flot ramt! Inspirerende.

4 5 1
Udmærket testsom kommer med nogle udmærkede bud.