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The purpose of our cookies

The purpose of these cookies is among others that you by using them do not have to login every time you click your way through to a new page on and every time you revisit (if you have chosen "Remember me".

We also use cookies to enhance . Eg. we track visitor movements on the website, in order to improve the functions. Your private data is not stored in unity with your movements on the site and you are thus completely anonymous.

Finally, our advertisers also make use of the cookies. This is to ensure that you do not see the same ad repeatedly, unless the advertisers would like that specifically. Similarly, these cookies are used to present you with ads that are more suitable for you based on your past behavior.

Where is the data stored?

The information about your visit and preferences are stored with Google Analytics, on our server as well as on our advertisers' servers. All information is kept safe and never in connection with any personal information. You remain in other words anonymous.

How can I delete cookies?

You can safely delete any cookie that you want to and thus make sure that we do not show ads that fit your preferences and we do not log your movements on .

Delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. 1. Select "Security" in the upper right corner
  2. 2. Select "Delete Browsing History ..."
  3. 3. Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Cookies" and press "Delete"

Delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox

  1. 1. Select "History" in the upper left corner
  2. 2. Choose "Clear Recent History ..."
  3. 3. Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Cookies" and click "Clear now"

Avoid cookies in the future

In the future you can avoid cookies by disallowing them in the browser you use, or "surf anonymously". These features is supported by most browsers and you can get more help on this from the manufacturer of your particular browser.

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