Cafe Mauritz

Cafe Mauritz

At Mauritz can take food home or enjoy it in one of the 3 cafes - here is namely space for everyone! Whether you want to drink coffee with girlfriends, beer with friends, play games with the kids or hold business meetings, so says Mauritz always available.

Mauritz focus on sustainability and quality and therefore they act as far as possible with local suppliers such. meat from Grambogård, tomatoes and lettuce from the local nursery and rolls from the local bakery. In addition, Mauritz also focus on fair trade, ecology and animal welfare, so all their partners comply with these requirements.

Settle in at the fine cafe tables and enjoy a nice burger in the fun bowlerhattelampers inserts. Book your table here and take the kids.
Café Mauritz has also partnered with the lion's den, so I can take the lion's den without having to think about taking packed lunch. Just order the food online in advance so it will be brought out to you when you come.

Since 2002, Cafe Mauritz been part of Skibhus neighborhood and has since added two cafes. The one located in Dalum and the other on Læssøesgade.
Læssøesgade However, only a small cafe, so there is not open until at. 16. The service is always fast, friendly and smiling and the food lives definitely up to expectations.

Hold job interviews, board meetings or similar then Mauritz Dalumvej a room for this with AV equipment that you can rent - free of charge! You can rent the premises here.

The menu
Mauritz is best known for their burgers, which are marked by special dressings or different fillings - and so are all their dressings homemade by their own recipes!
On the menu at Mauritz, however, also café dishes in the classic sense, such as Mexican and light dishes.

All day serves Mauritz burgers, sandwiches, nachos, ribs, salad and chili con carne.
If you do not fancy a burger middle of the day, you can also relax with a cup of organic tea or fair trade Caffe Latte. You are welcome to bring your classmates down into the cafe, where you have the opportunity to read together as study group. In addition, Mauritz 10% discount for all students!
Mauritz has also chosen to offer discounts to regular customers. So if you come often enough, the outlook is for a good price on the delicious burger.

By Mauritz you have the opportunity to take the food home, if you did not have time to sit down in the pleasant surroundings.
"To Go" - menu where you for cheap money can buy a meal with home or packed lunch at work - see the selection here.

Student Guide recommends that you test their menu of. There is certainly more than you can eat and otherwise you will be very satisfied. There is quite a large selection of light dishes with chicken, nachos, ribs, burger or chili con carne. The style is a mix of modern and mexian.

Order your food online here:


Skibhusvej 96
5000 Odense C

Dalumvej 3
5250 Odense SV

Contact info

Tlf: 65 94 40 60

Opening Hours

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Cafe Mauritz
Cafe Mauritz
Cafe Mauritz
Cafe Mauritz