Café Cuckoos Nest

Café Cuckoos Nest

Café Cuckoos Nest is one of the better cafes in Odense, but with little high prices and small portions.

Café Cuckoos Nest offers classic food and drink. Their burger is highly recommended and virtually no matter what you could like to drink, the Café Cuckoos Nest it. Here are for everything from cappucinoer, wines from HJ Hansen, elderflower drink for soft drinks and beer. The interesting thing with the wines from HJ Hansen (A known liquor store) is that you already can order certain wines for a dinner if you have special requests here. So provide the friendly service at Café Cuckoos Nest to have it ready for you. In the evening people gather at Café Cuckoos Nest to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and to get some good to drink. They play often music from the 70s to the 90s - together with the style and the prices make it often is the "older youth" who visit Café Cuckoos Nest and evening. A lovely café which must be visited. Good to know: Café Cuckoos Nest offers free wireless Internet for customers.


Vestergade 73
5000 Odense C.

Contact info

Tlf: 65 91 57 87

Opening Hours

Mandag - Onsdag: 09.00 - 23.00
Torsdag:                09.00 - 00.00
Fredag - Lørdag:    09.00 - 01.00
Søndag:                 09.00 - 22.00


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Café Cuckoos Nest
Café Cuckoos Nest
Café Cuckoos Nest
Café Cuckoos Nest