Mary's Coffee & Sandwich

Do you want to visit a cozy café in the center of Odense, and are you near the train station? Then Mary's Coffee & Sandwich is an obvious place for you. The café is located at the address Østre Stationsvej 4 directly opposite Odense railway station.

Marys Coffee & Sandwich is owned by girlfriend Loay Zeraiq and Asta Joensen as well as Kieu Sleiman. For the owner Loay, the coffee shop is a dream come true, for many years he has wanted to open just one. He has brought coffee into life from an early age, and even loves a delicious cup of coffee. For him, it is important that the coffee they serve is of the highest quality. The coffee beans come from Guatamala, Ethiopia and Brazil, and are delivered from a roastery in Copenhagen. All of this helps to ensure a delicious taste that they just strive for at Mary's Coffee & Sandwich.

On the menu you find a little different. Hot drinks include ordinary filter coffee, espresso, americano, tea, latte, chai latte and hot cocoa. If you are into cold drinks instead, this is also something they serve. You can find delicious lemonade, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, so there is a wide selection of delicious drinks here. Furthermore, you will find milkshakes and ice creams, which are also extremely popular. So if you and your study group are looking for a place where you can sit and drink something delicious while you study, then you can do this right here. There is free wifi in the cafe, so you can sit and work and enjoy a drink and maybe a bite to eat.

For food you will find various sandwiches, panini and salads. If you are just into something sweet for the coffee, then you can also get cake at Mary's Coffee & Sandwich.

If you are up early and start your day, you can get past Mary's and have a game of morning buns, skiers or croissants, with the café already open from 07am on weekdays and 9am on weekends. However, in the café, they are considering starting with opening hours at 6am for the morning fresh. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a place where you can sit out for the afternoon and evening either alone, with a friend or perhaps your study group, then it is also possible at Mary's. They first close at 7pm on weekdays and at 6pm on weekends. So that's why you can easily go here and study after school and get something delicious to drink or a bite to eat.

If you are in the center of Odense and want a place where you can have something delicious to drink and a bite to eat, then you can find this at Marys Coffee & Sandwich. Here you get free internet and a cozy place to sit, which is especially for students. Does this sound like something to you, take a look!


Østre Stationsvej 4, 5000 Odense

Opening Hours

Mandag – fredag: 09.00 – 18.00
Lørdag: 10.00 - 16.00
Søndag: Lukket