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"You also get a user Monera, where you continually get good advice on how to save more money in your economy."

By obtain quotes, you agree to our terms have collected a wide range of articles, news, and not least help to get a handle on your finances - while saving thousands of kroner every year. For help with include unemployment insurance funds, insurance companies, banks, real estate trading, and more.

We know that a healthy economy is extremely important for students, and it can be difficult to navigate in the variety of options offers.

We have teamed up with which stands for expert advice in the areas where your economy needs a few talented and especially fresh eyes. The service is free and 100% unbiased and you will after consulting stand with a number of the absolute best deal - no matter how your finances look like.

Monera have been disclosed, inter alia, Exchange, Radio24syv, Trend Online, and many other media. Here Monera praised for their ease of use and unique concept.

We look forward to helping you find the best solutions for your economy.


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