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Odense is Denmark's third-largest city mostly as a student you may need and desire. There are plenty of training, urban life and good housing. There is a bit of everything in Hans Christian Andersen city, and nothing is too far away, you can get there on a bike. A glorious city in every way.

On this page, we have decades of experience and constant updates compiled the best places to get a haircut, have a drink, eat a good meal, partying and driver's license, young and students in Odense. So here you as a newcomer can easily get an overview and avoid city traps. As Odense Ancestors can find new inspiration.

If you are more into the more stimulating pastime, whether it is about socially, physically or mentally, so you will also find good Odense bid on it here. Look for example. in Culture & Entertainment, where you Read about the beautiful and historic Odense Cathedral. They have a service specifically for young people and students on Sunday afternoon, where you can meet other young people in good conditions. If you prefer the natural look in the Sports & Leisure, where you find good football clubs and the like.

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