LS Coiffure

LS Coiffure

Centrally located in Odense you will find LS Coiffure, which is one of Odense's most popular hairdressing. This ensures the holder Sanne and her two talented colleagues that you are always guaranteed a treatment beyond the usual. Whether you want a complete makeover of your hair, or just want bangs adjusted, go LS Coiffure into the task with great respect for your hair. The staff has many years of experience and keep up to date with the latest techniques and trends in the art through courses at home and abroad.
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All days are good hair days at LS Coiffure
Each day is a good day for the staff of LS Coiffure! To a man love their jobs and are looking forward to give your customer a sovereign treatment in a relaxed atmosphere - it must be nice to go to the hairdresser. The salon is decorated so you can relax with a cup of latte, tea, and find inspiration in a variety of well-known magazines. Several of the customers come from Sealand and Jutland and have sorted their hair while they are visiting friends or family - it says something so the quality of the salon.

Creativity is a must

If you are thinking that there must be something new LS Coiffure is the obvious choice. Here advised you based on your wishes, your personal style and your personality - and of course, how much time you should spend on any. care and setup a daily basis. A new hairstyle is not something you just do, and that is why LS Coiffure very interested in that you are completely aware of what you can expect on your new hairstyle. As part of the package using LS Coiffure only the best products on the market. Want to treat yourself further, you have the option to buy the delicious products in the salon and take home. Here advises staff you thoroughly in what you have to remember, and not least, what to expect - no hair are the same. The products are organic and developed with respect and consideration for the environment.
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Vesterbro 90
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 6612 2309

Opening Hours

Mandag: 8-17
Tirsdag: 9-17
Onsdag: 8-17
Torsdag: 9-19
Fredag: 9-19
Lørdag: 8-12


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LS Coiffure
LS Coiffure
LS Coiffure
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