Fredo's Coffee Right

Fredo's Coffee Right

Fredo's cold coffee served with warm soul and sweet delicacies.

Usually, cold coffee is not the preferred beverage among coffee lovers. But Fredo's specializes in the Italian specialty, which is now served by the French Désirée Abitbol in the former post office in Brandts Passage. Freddo means cold in Italian, and therefore suitable name and coffee menu on each other. Désirée chose the famous Italian brand illy, as you probably have seen in various cafes abroad.

Everything is as local as possible. The chairs are from the store on the other side of the street and Désirée has partnered with Odense chocolate house which supply respectively the sweets, as macarons, tarts and cream puffs and La Piazetta, which stands for the supply of foccaciaerne and the baker of Good Bread stands for the organic buns and vegan specialties. Fredo's also a delicious assortment of Swedish and Italian beers, French wines and of course Champagne and Crémant.

Order a delicious cup Frappé or espresso here.

Fredo's is decorated in a very urban, raw way that we see it in Rome or New York. The exciting lighting in the ceiling compliment the raw concrete walls and the artist community that surrounds the café in Brandts. It is a coffee shop for the discerning coffee aficionados who swear by cold brewed, Frappé or organic coffee. It's a deli bar for you with a sweet tooth or vegans who prefer specialties rather than a regular cup of coffee.
In addition to coffee and delicacies you can also get frozen yogurt, freshly squeezed juice, Matchaccino, smoothies and milkshakes.

There is open late on weekends, so you can also enjoy an evening coffee or Friday beer. Come in and take a break from everyday stress with an espresso or Fredo's own Cappuccino. Maybe you even so hooked that you are inspired to buy an espresso machine and a bag of whole beans, so you can brew your own coffee at home when you can not get in past Fredo's.
It's the best coffee beans available, as the coffee brewed. That promise.

Student Guide recommends that you start your day with a good cup of coffee at Fredo's. Do you miss your vacations or your stay abroad in Paris, Rome or Athens, so look into past. If you do not know what to choose among the many delicacies and coffees, then Désirée guide you.

Buy your cold Swedish beer, French wine or Italian coffee here


Brandts Passage 31 G
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 35 14 20 14

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag 09.00-17.30
Torsdag - fredag  09.00-22.00
Lørdag                 10.00-22.00
Søndag                12.00-17.30


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Fredo's Coffee Right
Fredo's Coffee Right
Fredo's Coffee Right
Fredo's Coffee Right