Sirup's Coffee Wine Bar

Do you want to visit somewhere in Odense center, where you can get both coffee and wine at good prices as students? Then Sirup's coffee and wine bar is definitely for you! At the address Jernbanegade 6 in the center of Odense you will find this small café, where quality, down to earth and coziness are paramount.

As a student, it is clearly also a place where you feel extremely welcome in their cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The café has both power sockets and usb plugs at several of their tables, where it is possible to charge your computer or phone while working. In addition, there is of course also free wifi. Although the place is a smaller and more intimate place, one does not feel embarrassed by the other cafe guests at the other tables, and so you can still sit privately working here without being disturbed.

The quality is paramount here, and the food is ecologically inspired, where approximately 85% of the raw materials are organic. The coffee is also fair trade and organic, which makes the taste extra good while at the same time the prices are clearly paying for students.

The place has a delicious and welcoming room, and offers drinks in the form of various hot drinks, beer, cocktails as well as various wines. The prices are clearly student friendly, and you can get your coffee cheaper here than various filling stations, as you can get both filter coffee, cartado, espresso, americano, tea and hot cocoa for just 29 kroner. If you want a bite to eat, then the café also offers a variety of choices here, which you can get at good prices, and you can collectively get a really delicious meal and drink for under 100 kroner. If you instead want to drink a good glass of wine, you can get the house glass of wine for just 49 kroner.

The café also has a cozy and intimate backyard where it is possible to sit in peace and quiet and be yourself. Here there are table-leg warmers, which only turn on themselves by movement, so the green mindset is also intended.

If you want to get a bite to eat, but without large portions and too many calories, this is also intended here. Here, the portions are small and contain fewer calories than other usual coffee dishes while still being saturated. Their different types of toast taste great, and it is clear that good raw materials as well as a lot of good spices have been used, which should give taste to the food.

In the café it is possible to have table service all open hours, so if you want a bite to eat, even at the late hours, then this is possible to get here. Although you may be sitting in the cozy backyard, the staff will come around asking if there is anything you need, so the service is clearly in the top here. Check out Sirups if you want an exclusive café experience that you as a student can afford.


Jernbanegade 6 st. th.
5000 Odense

Contact info

Telefon: 20 24 14 08


Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 08.00 - 24.00
Fredag - lørdag: 08.00 - 02.00
Søndag: Lukket