Sir Club

Sir Club

Sir Club is a mix between a pub, sports cafe, bodega and is a really nice place with many young people. Sir Club is a nice central Noerregade close to the city center.

Sir Club is well known for its fine selection of imported beers and its relaxing and cozy atmosphere. The foreign specialty beers served at student friendly prices in the same way as the rest of the committee in the bar. Sir Club has large and neat rooms where you can play foosball and pool. It is free to play pool and foosball between 11:00 and 19:00 each day. The atmosphere is always good at Sir Club and the beer quite nice.

Stand-up every second Thursday each month at 20:00
Live music last Friday of each month from 22:00
At live events: Come early because the seats are quickly taken!
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Ølkortet Sir Club has an informative selection available where you can find a great selection of Danish and foreign beers on tap and bottled. Sir Club is moments away from Odense Station and have you been on the battens for an exciting OB struggle, then there just to take the bus to the station and walk 2 min. Sir Club. You can blah. enjoy the following specialty:

San Miguel, Fosters, Newcastle Brown Ale, Bishops Finger, McEwan's, Chimay, Staropramen, Miller, Leffe Brune, Franziskaner, Erdinger and more.

Should you have a laptop with you, there is also free wireless Internet for free use.


Nørregade 49
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 66 14 80 80


Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 12:00 - 02:00

Torsdag - lørdag: 12:00 - 03:00

Søndag: 14:00 - 22:00



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Sir Club
Sir Club
Sir Club
Sir Club