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  • How to start your entrepreneurial career as a student

    How to start your entrepreneurial career as a student

    As a student at SU, finding resources to start a business can be difficult. Likewise, you may not think that you do not have the time or the surplus to take care of the duties as self-employed when the curriculum requires attention, but it's easy to start a webshop, for example! Read more about it here! To get the good idea The first step to start as entrepreneur is of course to get the good idea. If…

  • Get a hobby you can earn, but you study

    Get a hobby you can earn, but you study

    A hobby need not only be an expense. If you are good at something or you have a name within a particular subject, you can easily earn money on your hobby if you get an overview of the options available. In this article we give you 3 great tips on how to earn money on your hobby. And if you do not already have a hobby that you can earn money on, this article can be used as an inspiration to get you ;-)…

  • How to control Christmas presents

    How to control Christmas presents

    Now it's Christmas again. Now it's Christmas again ... Christmas is gradually approaching speedy steps, and for many, this is the nicest time of the year. For the most part, Christmas time means: Good food, quality time with family and the closest, cozy with big H and last but not least the notorious Christmas present. As a student, the month of December often appears in the exam's characters,…

  • Students: How to get relief from stress

    Students: How to get relief from stress

    It is very normal for young students to experience periods when they are stressed. This can be due to a lot of things and it is important that you deal with the problems before they get up. This can be done by talking to a professional who can help a good further. You can read more about this article, which also gives you a good offer for a psychologist in connection with stress. Stress is a bit of a…

  • Job opportunities within finance

    Job opportunities within finance

    Finance is a broad field of finance, and provides you with a variety of job opportunities across business areas. After graduation, it's time to get out of work and start the career ladder. But it's not always easy to know what opportunities you have. You may already know what you want to work with, but for those who are still unsure, you will find an overview of different positions, businesses and career…

  • Do you also bored in public transport?

    Do you also bored in public transport?

    How do you usually kill time when you are on the go? For example, when you sit on the train on December 23th and go home to mom and dad, duck stew and a lot of sauce, and it takes forever because of heavy fall drops and slippery rails, what time do you get along with? Are you sitting and sleeping, or are you staring out of the window, or are you just terribly bored? If you're just sitting and bored because…

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