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  • The ultimate guide to the student

    The ultimate guide to the student

    It may be that the budget does not bend, but the fact is that we actually feel very good as students. In contrast to almost all other countries, we actually get money to educate us. If you think a little rationally and often live the parole 'all in a way', then you are really well placed. In the following you will be guided through possible actions as students. Get a study job Even if we get SU,…

  • The sofa bed is the perfect student furniture

    The sofa bed is the perfect student furniture

    It is certainly not for no reason that more and more students choose a sofa bed for the studio rather than a regular bed. Today, you can get sofabeds so high that they can give you as good a sleep quality as your normal bed. In this article, we are looking into why the sofa bed is as good as a student furniture as it is. Bed and sofa in one piece of furnitureHaving a bed and a sofa in one piece of…

  • The cheap way to bigger muscles: 5 tips for the student

    The cheap way to bigger muscles: 5 tips for the student

    It's not hard to spend a lot of money when you start training for muscle building. Expensive fitness subscription, exercise clothes, countless dietary supplements, hours at a personal trainer and maybe even new workout clothes - before you've realized you've spent several thousand dollars. But as a student, the budget is tight, and for most students, the (unnecessary) expensive way for…

  • Make money in the summer vacation - the best summer jobs

    Make money in the summer vacation - the best summer jobs

    As a student, it is often during the summer vacation that you really have the chance to earn a lot of money for the rest of the year. Money that you generally do not have in abundance when you read, and most of your SU may go to an expensive rent in one of the country's major study towns. However, it is sometimes hard to understand exactly how to land the summer job that can give a lot of money.Can you sell…

  • Live as a king as a student

    Live as a king as a student

    Many students complain that they do not have enough money for their daily chores. The fact, however, is that we in Denmark are really good at students. Unlike most other countries, we even get money to study and do not have to end up in debt that is hard to bump into when one day comes out on the other side. When we finally take the loan as a student, it is even the cheapest loan on the market. It's…

  • Cheap summer clothes for students online

    Cheap summer clothes for students online

    The summer begins to show some of the moves we are all in demand. The sun is looking forward and the temperature rises to the good side of 20 degrees, which means that all Danes hurry and get some color on the body! It's a pleasure to enjoy the summer and the sun's hot rays while it's here, because it's suddenly gone!   Heavier weather also means we have to change the clothes. The long…

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