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  • 6 good advice to (living) at SU

    6 good advice to (living) at SU

    1 and 2: Without food and drink Do you always end up eating raw oatmeal and pasta with ketchup last month? You are not alone! But fortunately, there are some good tips to pick up, so you do not always have to eat at home at the end of the month (although this is also a good advice!). 1: Make a food plan. With a food plan, you always know what to buy and you avoid waste - and desperate tours in Net when…

  • Find balance in your life

    Find balance in your life

    Many students live a busy life. There must be room for a lot of things that, in their own right, draw different directions. This applies, for example, to the work, the studies, the comrades, the family, any hobbies, etc. When you care for these things while constantly being online on various social media, you can easily end up in a situation where there is simply no balance in your life. The following…

  • 5 tips to avoid dental problems

    5 tips to avoid dental problems

    Do you suffer from dental problems and therefore avoid the important visits to the dentist? A lot of people drop the regular check with their dentist because they feel anxiety by sitting in the dental chair. There may be several reasons for people suffering from dental anxiety, but common to all is that it may have major consequences to neglect the visits of the dentist. Therefore, here are some tips on…

  • Summer is the time of the students

    Summer is the time of the students

    Summer is approaching speedy steps, and it also means that there will soon be new hatched students with their student halls in the street scene. After three years of hard work in high school, the students are well-deserved a celebration time. This is where student driving, student parties, student homes and rules of instruction are important. The student drive has been arranged and planned for the smallest…

  • What is email spoofing and how do you secure it?

    What is email spoofing and how do you secure it?

    Not everyone knows phishing, knows how it works and how to avoid it. So to scratch it up, it's an activity that cybercriminals make use of by creating different types of traps with the intention of obtaining valuable information on you. Often they try to get information about where you have accounts, about banks, card companies, PayPal, etc. As a student, you can not afford to stolen your personally…

  • With Chili Security, the examinations are secured

    With Chili Security, the examinations are secured

    Security packages from Chili Security save the exam The Danish security company Chili Security is well-known and reputable for their security software for both Mac and PC, and with the latest wave of hacker attacks where computers are taken as hostages, it's a good idea to secure your study computer. The media are packed with stories of hackers who chase random and innocent people's computers and…

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