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  • Earn extra money as a student

    Earn extra money as a student

    As a student, there are several different ways that you can earn some extra money to supplement your SU. Some choose to take a job at a gas station or be telemarketer. Does not that sound so attractive to you, then there are indeed other and more fun options. With more and more user-friendly web has never be easier to convert your idea into an online business. One of the biggest challenges will be to be…

  • How to find the best products online

    How to find the best products online

    I think we're all starting to act more on the Web in recent years. It is for the first markedly easier to trade the products you are sure to want on the Web, and then just have it delivered right to your door within a few days. The delivery time for web shops has become significantly smaller with time, and you can almost expect to receive your package the day after ordering. Second, it is often…

  • Makeup tutorials

    Makeup tutorials

    On the Internet, makeup tutorials a major trend because young girls want to put her makeup and, not least, get inspiration, as the example. can imitate their role models. In addition, it is also important for many that creates its own unique appearance to be different from the others. Social media is frequently used such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Here you have the opportunity to interact…

  • Three good ideas for alternative study trips

    Three good ideas for alternative study trips

    To travel is to live. It's great to travel and experience new parts of the world. When student life becomes too monotonous and boring, it can be healthy to get away from the books. Therefore, a trip just what many students need. Unfortunately rows SU not far, so it can be difficult to afford the expensive trip to the USA, Asia or Australia. Fortunately, there are many other great alternative…

  • Student discount for living with their parents

    Student discount for living with their parents

    If you as a student just moved away from home, it can be hard to get used to a new way to keep its economy. You have to deal with a rent to be paid monthly. Perhaps also a hobby that must be maintained and paid for. In addition, there may just be a monthly payment to the gym, they never get dragged himself to. Last but not least, remember food budget and the budget for personal care. What's so…

  • Open house at Oure

    Open house at Oure

    Have you considered taking on College? There are indeed so many of them, so which should you choose? Do you enjoy the dance, music and drama or are you more into the active outdoor life? Or do not you know yet what you are? So drop to an open house where you can hear more about the opportunities are and what you get out of going to just Oure School.The school has existed for many years and has a good…

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