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  • Pampering in troubled times as a student

    Pampering in troubled times as a student

    As a student, the economy often hard pressed and when it comes to self-indulgence, there is neither the time or finances to it. This is important to prioritize in a busy and confusing study. Read on here and get inspiration on how you as a student can treat yourself - small as big. The small pleasures The small pleasures can also benefit the joy of life as a student - and in style. taste Round Take a…

  • 4 things sensible things students can spend their vacation in

    4 things sensible things students can spend their vacation in

    As a student, it is not always that they can afford the big foreign trips and luxurious seaside holidays, and therefore end many using the example. summer holiday home in Denmark in front of the screen for example. to watch the Tour de France for several weeks. We feel this is sin, and therefore we will give you as a student here four sensible things you can spend your vacation in, price not that big, and…

  • How to get an easier life as students

    How to get an easier life as students

    The students are often on the move, as both the studio, fitness, student job, family, friends, and any hobby addition be nurtured. It can be hard on the feet to be walking around from one to the other. Often, footwear reflect the location and environment you are in. If you walk around out in college or other educational institutions, where the corridors are long, and the premises may be far apart, it's…

  • Be green as students

    Be green as students

    As a young man you are often incredibly ideologically while continuously with age often get, let's just call it a more realistic approach. It is also why one so often sees young people move on the political extremes. It is in this context often referred to 'youth courage and ferocity'. Unfortunately, young people are often not the resources to channel this energy into something constructive.…

  • Students can sweeten everyday with prizes

    Students can sweeten everyday with prizes

    It should of course be no secret that there are many students who do not always have quite easily by getting the economy to run around. It also means that it can sometimes be difficult to indulge in a little shopping or other consumer goods. Although it can be difficult, so it does not mean that it is something that needs to be completely impossible just because you are a student. It must be clear that…

  • Open house at Oure

    Open house at Oure

    Have you considered taking on College? There are indeed so many of them, so which should you choose? Do you enjoy the dance, music and drama or are you more into the active outdoor life? Or do not you know yet what you are? So drop to an open house where you can hear more about the opportunities are and what you get out of going to just Oure School.The school has existed for many years and has a good…

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