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Think about it. What is an education, money, good looks, a driving license and a cool concert worth it if you are sick or unwell, and can not use it for anything anyway? In other words, it is essential to feel good, be in harmony with yourself and your body - not least up to exams. In this section we have compiled the best places that will make sure you are healthy and well in Aarhus. Here, you find the best places in Aarhus of the following types: Massage clinics, dentists, hypnotists, coaches, psychologists, spa, dermatologists and pedicure.


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  • Beauty and Style - Aarhus

    Beauty and Style - Aarhus

    Do you want a delicious beauty treatment at SU-friendly prices? Then Beauty and Style is just the place for you! Beauty and Style offers a lot of different treatments, so you can get exactly what you want. Maybe you need a new haircut, a beautiful facial, plucked your eyebrows or a lovely nail treatment on either hands or feet - Beauty and Style has a wide selection! In addition, Beauty and Style…

  • Elise A.

    Elise A.

    Do you need a proper game of self-indulgence? Then the beauty salon Elise A. is definitely for you! Elise A. is located in the heart of Hornsleth, which is located outside Aarhus. Here you can experience pampering in a special class and whatever your brows or lashes need to be fixed, you would like a nice Gua Sha facial or maybe you need to grow, then you can get it fixed in this salon. The salon…

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