Aarhus psychologists

Aarhus psychologists

It is our experience that the first contact can be difficult. You might be unsure and nervous about having to tell your story to someone you do not know personally. We therefore they trust and security, and the starting point for the first conversation will always be to create a good contact and clarify expectations.

Often we can in the initial interview jointly draw a picture of the problem, which can cause a great deal of relief and at the same time provide an overview of the further course of therapy. Exactly how often and how long it will be advisable to go into therapy.

Our values as psychologists

At Aarhus psychologists, we set high standards for ourselves on training, supervision and collegial sparring in daily life, so that we make sure that our skills and keep us a'jour in new research. We consider it extremely important that the environment is characterized by an appreciative dialogue with room for diversity and new ideas.

We are both members of the Danish Psychological Association, which provides security for that we work within the ethical framework and sworn to secrecy.


Ryesgade 9, 2. th.
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 21 51 00 00

E-mail: sonne@aarhuspsykologerne.dk

Opening Hours

Træffes bedst pr. telefon mandag - torsdag mellem 8:30 og 9:00


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