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When life does little harm and may be difficult to grasp. So take down past Helle as she is guaranteed to be able to help you further and give you some great tools to work with.

Helle Munk Petersen believes that everyone has come to the world with the longing to do the right, both for themselves and for others. Through his work as a psychologist, Helle has experienced how people have been brought into contact with an inner core from which they have gained the strength and the desire to do the right thing.
Helle will meet you with respect, indulgence and presence. It is her conviction that it is you who really knows what is right and wrong. Occasionally, you can lose contact with this video as a human being, and as a therapist, she sees it as her job to help you recover this contact.

If you feel like you are in an identity crisis then this is the place for you; It can be difficult to distinguish from their family, and hard to find themselves socially aligned with other peers. Likewise, it can be difficult to create clarity about your own life goals and your own opinions.
"Who am I?" Is often the big question among young people.
Helle knows everything about how young people today stand alone with the responsibility to create a successful life. Many young people feel pressured by television series's production of "the perfect youth life". Just as many people have problems with abuse, self-harm and behavior. Helle therefore wishes to help young people regain the belief that there is an opinion of life for them too, and that the world is not only black and white, but it contains many colors that you as young have to experience.

Helle also has a theological education: if you are believing or spiritual, Helle would like to provide you with tools for deepening what you believe so you can practice it in your daily life at home.


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