Train is one of Aarhus' most popular, largest and most impressive nightclubs / live music venues. On Train can experience a concert, dance at the nightclub, or socialize in the lounge club Kupé. There is no age limit for Trains regular concerts, however, the age limit of 18 at the nightclub concerts. On Train nightclub you must be 21 years if you want to get in on Saturdays and Kupé apply the age limit of 21 years.

Train Live is one of the largest venues, with room for 850 concertgoers. At the nightclub, concerts and disco house can accommodate 1,500 guests. The regular crew DJ's and VJ's packs the dance floor night after night, along with a wide range of external organizers and sponsors that create rich musical and visual experiences in the house. The conditions for both performers and guests, desired constant optimized for the ultimate music experience. sound and lighting equipment is a positive story in itself that speaks for itself when bands and DJs to be "beyond the stage" Among other things, Therefore, every year we can introduce big foreign names, with full benefits.

Friday-night club

The framework for the perfect night club is created on Train by having a huge dance floor in front of the stage, and an open first floor that also function as lounge balcony. Here pumps energy all night based on the DJ mixer and all dances with or get themselves an thirst.

Train's Friday-night club has recently been included in the concert program. Behind the club names Mix and ULAH facing young visionary bookers, with a burning love for the latest trends in nightclub auspices. Nothing is too crooked or newfangled on Train Friday night.

Saturday at TRAIN

Saturdays are devoted to a slightly older audience, where the music is so-called "mainstream" pop, disco, funk and house. The permanent resident DJs on Saturday disco counted among the country's best.

The music reflects the audience who wish to Train's concerts and nightclub. Similarly, staff geared to treat all people with respect and kindness. TRAIN is also used for other events when it is not used for concert or nightclub. Be it fashion shows, receptions, product launches, Christmas parties and seminars.

TRAINS goal continues to offer the audience unique concert experiences and nightclub in an optimal scenario.


Toldbodgade 6
8000 Århus

Contact info

Telefon: 86 13 47 22



TRAIN Natklub