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Cheap massage!
Physiotherapy student who has a massage training offers physiological massage and massage with Wellness 200, - for 30 minutes.

As a student, you get 12.5% ​​discount.

There is also scope for further 25, - discount on the purchase of 5-trip-ticket coupon, so the price that students are down to 150, - / 30 min massage!

A large part of the profits of the business will be spent on extra courses and staff training students so that they develop into better physical therapists.

The massage takes place both at Campus C and N Campus in Aarhus.

We also virksomhedsafaftaler where we come out of the company and performing the treatment.

Health with Mening has a well-functioning clinic where individuals as well as companies can contact. Here, high quality physiotherapy is offered. In this way, Health with Mind is aimed at both the private and business sectors, which all qualify for their health profile. Health with opinion employees is all chosen according to their professional and social skills, and they can all work independently.
The company was established by Simon Nielsen and Benjamin Ringgaard on the basis that a higher level of physiotherapist training is desired through increased practical experience.
When the two men at that time were physiotherapist students at VIA University College in Aarhus, when the company, Development Co. A / S, collaborated with Health with Mind in the beginning of 2016. This set in a bright future for Health with Mind. Since then, they have been working hard to create a sustainable company that can benefit both private and business, and not least an attractive workplace. Today, the two gentlemen are authorized physiotherapists, and with their clinic, they can offer physiotherapy and massage to many more than they could before.
The physiotherapeutic treatment can be supplemented with active exercises, as they also have training facilities.
A large part of the company's profits will be spent on additional courses and training of staff students so they will develop into even better physiotherapists.
The massage takes place both at Campus C and Campus N in Aarhus. By agreement, the treatment can also occur at the customer's business.

Student Discounts

Cheap massage!
Physiotherapist students, who have a massage education, offer physiological massage and wellness massage for 200, - for 30 minutes - as a student you receive 25-, DKK.


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