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Aarhus is in truth the smile -and student city. The concentration of students compared the number of inhabitants is highest in Denmark (12%), which helps to make Aarhus a great student city as much adapted to the high concentration of students. Enjoy the delicious cafes and lounges on Åboulevarden, head down to the water and nature at Marselisborg, take advantage of the many training opportunities, and be glad of the great kindness that is in the city mixed with Aarhus' storbyssteming.

The city is also big enough that it can be nice to get an overview of the city's potential as a new sojourner, or inspiration as area known inhabitants of Aarhus. For although there is a little less traps in Aarhus relation. Eg. Copenhagen, so you can still find bad hairdressers and restaurants where price and quality do not stick together. Here are the direct shortcut to the good places for you who are young or students.

You'll also find categories Sports & Leisure, we have listed sports clubs and a little more healthy / rewarding pastimes such as football, sailing and the like. There is often a better chance of having healthy relationships and toned his physique and his mind relation. To the city's bars and restaurants. So do not miss this part of the city guide.

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