New Time Body Therapy Risskov

New Time Body Therapy Risskov

With New Time Body Therapy Risskov you and your well being always in the center. The holder Gitte will be your deal and make sure that you always get the treatment that suits you and your needs. Gitte has many years of experience in the industry and is a trained massage therapist, registered alternative practitioner and has over 300 hours of training behind him. Among others in the field of anatomy and physiology, Pathology Course, various psychology courses - in short, you are in safe hands!

Gitte are not only trained in the industry but have also tried several therapies on its own krop.Dette also means that you as a patient are guaranteed the best and most appropriate treatment. In Gittes work is her key words to listen, show the presence and care and be a factor that can bring positivity and balance.

New Time Body Therapy Risskov can help with many different ailments. It can be physical ailments or disorders of more psychological in nature. Together you will find the treatment that takes the best possible care of your particular situation.

Many types of treatments:

therapeutic massage
Here is a massage that takes into account the areas where possible. disorders are. It can be a shoulder to tease, one mouse arm power. the like. The massage combines the therapy, wellness and especially relaxation.

Health and relaxation massage

A treatment that focuses on health, wellness and renewed energy. The massage will be perceived as being a holistic body care that gives renewed. Book a time if you want to treat yourself and your mind.

ayurvedic massage

A massage form that comes from India and is an ancient technique. The massage is experienced as being life rewarding and relaxing effect and helps your body with increased mobility and flksibilitet, relieve tension and stress reliever especially antidpressivt.

Sound Massage and Healing
The massage for those with a stressful life and needs extra overskud.Denne type of massage often solve everyday stress, helps to get rid worries and uncertainties.

Do you live in Aarhus or surroundings and not feel completely on top can New Time Body Therapy Risskov guaranteed to help you. Whether it is a physical disorder, such as a sports injury or a disorder of more psychological nature, then New Time Body Therapy Risskov the obvious choice.

Student Discounts

There is a 25% on treatments upon presentation of a valid student ID.

Remember to mention you have seen the discount on!


Agrivej 16
8240 Risskov

Contact info

Tlf.: 61 18 01 22

Opening Hours

Klinikken er åben mandag til fredag fra kl. 8.00.
Tidsbestilling er nødvendig.


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New Time Body Therapy Risskov
New Time Body Therapy Risskov
New Time Body Therapy Risskov
New Time Body Therapy Risskov