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They are a versatile team of physiotherapists with different areas of interest, and are updated on the latest knowledge in physiotherapy.

At Åboulevardens Fysioterapi you will find a versatile team of physiotherapists with various areas of interest that are constantly updated on the latest knowledge in physiotherapy. In other words, you are in very safe hands at Åboulevardens Physical Therapy.

With its location in the heart of Aarhus city center, there is a great opportunity to get to the physiotherapy. Åboulevardens Fysioterapi is one of the first in Aarhus, and opened the doors for the first time in 1946. Since then, there has been a lot of happening - in the good way of course. The clinic has been expanded with a larger hall for training and rehabilitation, as well as a hall aimed solely on team training. Throughout the many years, the clinic has built up a very high level of expertise in the field and can therefore perform high quality physiotherapy treatment.

It is important to be with a physiotherapist that you trust. The staff staff consists of highly trained physiotherapists who will do their best to make the best of your treatments. With their very high professional knowledge, they can, in collaboration with the doctor's diagnosis and on the basis of an in-depth study, establish the treatment course that suits you best. Whether you are suffering from a disorder of the muscles, need rehabilitation, or if you have any other pain in either your neck, back, or loin, the clinic ensures that you are in safe hands.

Åboulevardens Physiotherapy also offers many other forms of treatments, including offers within:

  • Mulligan Concept
  • McKenzie Method
  • massage
  • acupuncture
  • brystoperede
  • home treatment (if your doctor decides this, the physiotherapist will come home to you and offer you the appropriate treatment that you need,

So, if you go bothering something that hurts, do not hesitate to contact Åboulevard Physical Physiotherapy and get help to get rid of genes and pains.


Åboulevarden 70, 4. sal
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 12 29 04

E-mail: klinik@fysserne.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 7:30 - 18:00

Fredag: 7:30 - 17:00


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