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Keep track of daily life again with a visit Artemis. There can also be booked meetings and lectures.

Holder of Artemis Psychology is Mariann Kjerrumgaard Thygesen. She is a qualified psychologist from 1994 and opened Artemis Psychology in 2000. Mariann Kjerrumgaard Thygesen is a member of the Danish Psychology Association, and has years of experience in the field where her primary field of specialization is business and personality psychology.

The little special name for the practice comes from the Greek hunter goddess. In a psychological perspective, the name must symbolize and represent what Mariann Kjerrumgaard Thygensen's practice stands for and focuses on. It is a practice where there is a focus on a therapy that needs to be aware of which development processes are slowing down when you face some issues that can respond to oneself. There are some factors that help prevent our growth - both inside and outside. It is about Artemis Psychology to make things succeed through psychological processes.

How does such a therapeutic course in Artemis Psychology look like?
The therapeutic course depends entirely on the problems you face. Artemis Psychology works on the basis of goals that you have helped to set up. Of course, these can change well along the way, but it is the starting point for the course.
Mariann Kjerrumgaard Thygesen has a great introduction and will throughout the course ensure that you get the right out of your course in a safe and calm environment.

The therapeutic course of Artemis Psychology is self-evolving and the goal is therefore that unwitting action patterns that adversely affect everyday chores will gradually develop and change to be positively adjusted. As part of the process, you will also get small home assignments that will contribute to this personal development. Other tools that Mariann Kjerrumgaard Thygesen uses, in addition to the dialogue conversation, includes: dreaming and drawing

So if you are facing some challenges that you would like to master, Artemis is definitely worth a visit.


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