Our ambition in Scenic is to offer you the most excellent and we have with fastidious care, a series of the best and purest organic skin care products and makeup, free of synthetic and endocrine disruptors.

Your inner health and outer beauty
are inextricably linked and you will Scenic find a large and exciting selection of the best vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and cleansing scrub that helps to boost your immune system and your vitality.

To desire the child,
see our baby department most beautiful thing in organic cotton, wool and silk, and the best organic care products for their delicate skin.

In our clinic on the 1st floor you can in a beautiful and quiet spaces delve into completely afslappethed.Vores skilled beauticians offer facial and body treatments. We strive to give you an experience of pleasure and well-being.

In the store you will find a wide range of vitamins, minerals and oils that help your body achieve a good sense of wellbeing, as Naturskøn believes in the philosophy that beauty and health means that you are well inside and out. For the same reason, there are also the best fatty acids and cleansing cures that strengthen the immune system and your vitality. Natursköns ambition is to offer you the best of the best, and for the same reason, Naturskøn has done their utmost to select some of the best and cleanest organic skin care and makeup products. They are all free of synthetic and hormone disrupting substances.
Both online and offline you can find beautiful baby clothing made from organic cotton, wool and silk, as well as the best care products for baby's delicate skin.
In the 1st floor clinic, there is a good opportunity to get away from the stress and hassle of everyday life. Scenic has some good cosmetologists who provide beautiful facial and body treatments. Your body will have a breathing room, time to relieve and become completely relaxed.
The treatments are aimed both at you with skin problems and for you who just want to spoil yourself.


Guldsmedegade 15
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 86 12 23 13


Opening Hours

Mandag-Torsdag 8.00-17.30
Fredag 8.00-19.00
Lørdag 8.00-16.00

Mandag-Torsdag 10.00-17.30
Fredag 10.00-19.00
Lørdag 10.00-16.00


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