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Health & Wellness

In Health and Wellness, we consider, among other things reflexology as a complement to all medical treatment. We put the client at the center and provide service of the highest quality.

In Health and Wellness is no general way to treat a patient. We offer various therapies, because we know that everyone has individual needs and desires. Together we will find the best treatment for you. We look forward to welcoming you in lovely quiet surroundings of the clinic at Harald Jensen's Square in Aarhus. You are welcome to contact us. mail, telephone (tel: 23 30 50 27) or book an appointment through online booking . Health and Well-being operated by Bente Brodie. She is registered alternative practitioner (RAB) and a member of the United Danish Reflexologists (FDZ).


Reflexology is an ancient form of treatment - used for thousands of years in particular China and Egypt - for the relief of health problems. Reflexology is known to most as it is the most used form of alternative treatment in Denmark. During and on our feet, we have a complete "map" of the entire human body. All parts of the body have a zone known as a retro-reflector zone. It is these zones, a zone therapist works on. The treatment includes massage and pressure on specific points and upstairs feet. This encouraged agencies to improve body function and healing process. Reflexology can have a positive effect on, among other allergy and asthma, infertility, eczema, arthritis, headaches, migraines, back problems etc. The treatment is extremely comfortable and relaxing and can help all - regardless of age. The reflexologist sworn to secrecy. For reasons of processing a record is kept by the client is free to read. The client must consent to record-keeping.

laser Therapy

Laser increases the concentration of the cells that are part of the natural immune system. Laser stimulates the production of endorphins and thus relieve pain. Laser operative to provide energy for the cells lacking energy, whereby the healing process to be substantially increased. Laser works on fractures, sprains, tennis elbow, skulderprobelmer, knee problems, herpes, arthritis, skin problems, plantar fasciitis, ear problems, sinusitis, rheumatism and more. I recommend laser therapy along with reflexology as it is an amazing powerful combination of overuse injuries, sports injuries, as well as the aforementioned problems.


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Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
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