Florence - outlook eye never tires of

Florence - outlook eye never tires of

Florence is a small town. One can easily walk from one end of town to the other. After a day you do not map to find around town. Yet it is not a problem to get a study tour to go in this impressive city that tends to mountain take everyone who visits it.

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Florence is rich in sights, and I will just go through them, I saw the class or those who I considered when I was planning the trip.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore
Is almost an obligatory item on the program. The interior of the church is very unimpressive and is soon over. Here you have to remember students that they should be covered. The boys must have hidden their shoulders, and the girls must have hidden both shoulders at the same time, they must have something on down over the knees. It may well delay the trip a little if some have to go home and change. The dome and the ride up there on the other hand it all worthwhile. You walk up the very steep stairs, certainly not suitable for people with claustrophobia. First stop is the beautiful gallery where you can see the paintings on the ceiling and look down into the church. Then we head to the top, where the view is absolutely fantastic. It can really be recommended.

Art Museum Uffizi:
Art Museum Uffizi is also worth a visit. Remember to book time from home. It is always well attended. In addition, it may be a good idea to be very focused in its examination. There are many beautiful things to indulge in, but students can drown in the crowd and may not understand fully the depth of what they see. But there are many great works and the students will probably always remember that they have seen Michelangelo's David. He is in fact one of the many gems that museum hides.

San Lorenzo:
One last museum or church I would mention is San Lorenzo. It was built as a tomb for the Medici family, the family that ruled Florence. The church is beautiful with burial chamber and a small garden with orange trees. The museum is also the Medici's old library, where you can see the titles of the books they had. It is quite fascinating to look at - and guess how many of them have been original versions. ...

There are a myriad of other museums that we considered for our trip for example. the natural history museum or Palazzo Pitti. There are a myriad of options for a choice of museum. The hardest part is to decide.

Ponte Vecchio
There are also two things that I think you have to see when you are in Florence and the Ponte Vecchio, which is the old bridge over the River Arno. The other old bridges were destroyed during the 2nd World War, and it stands alone. On the bridge there is a sea of dragonflies - it has been made over the past several hundred years. The bridge offers a good view, and a tremendous atmosphere.

David - Square
David - Square, which is the second place I think you should see, over the roofs of the city and can among other things be reached with one of the many tourist buses. The square is adorned by a replica of Michelangelo's David and the setting around a totally, totally amazing views over the city. Try to time it so that you visit the square in the evening light. It looks absolutely wonderful out when the sun casts its golden rays upon all church roofs and the golden river meanders into the distance. It is a moment when even the students almost get short of breath.

If you believe that students are supposed to see something a little more contemporary, there is also the opportunity to visit various tailors and fashion companies. There are several in the Florence. There are also researching forms of factories nearby. This can often be arranged through the agency of shrimp. We had not selected any of this, because the prices were quite high when it just went through the travel agent. But maybe you could on your own trying to contact various companies. You can also visit the car factories. You should be aware that neither Ferrari or Lamborghini receive visits in production, but both have museums that should be quite good.

Remember to bring your student card and possible. a letter from the headmaster of the school, then it is quite possible to get discounts on some entrance fees.  

Treasure hunt around town

Florence is so clear and at the same time exciting a city that lends itself to be a little creative and let the students go more around on your own and explore the city.

We began our study with a treasure hunt or maybe even job hunting around the city. Students got a compendium with a description of the various sights and a map of these. Then the students had to find the sights, and when they found them, they were to record a small video where they told about the place. It was then supposed n & aring; when they came home to Denmark, they had to make a small study film.

Dan Brown's "Inferno"
Next time I visit Florence with a class - for which I have been for the last time - I will before heading read Dan Brown's "Inferno" with them. It takes just place in Florence, and it would be fun to build a treasure hunt on it.

The task of a treasure hunt did really well to give students a feel for the city and for how special it is. It is very characteristic of Florence, the most impressive is their museums (though they also are good), but what you see when you move around in the streets. Now I would not recommend that anyone is lurking, but if you walk around in Florence by evening, try to look into the ceilings and apartments in Florence. They are amazing! That really is where implemented Florence is like Renaissance city.

Another, more traditional way to see Florence on which we also tried the study trip was to take a guided bus tour. The trip was quite nice, very general, of course, but the good thing was that it also took the students to the suburbs and up to the impressive David Square. In addition, the tour students many history and explanations as they could remember for a long time after.

Where should we stay?

Florence is displayed above combed by eager high school students - for good reason. There are certainly a lot of good hotels to choose from. The quality is surprisingly high. Another clear advantage of having Florence as a destination, is that Florence does not really contain "a dangerous side". Therefore, one can not rightly to book a hotel that is at the wrong end of town or a place where the environment is too depressing.

A third advantage of travel Florence on study tour is that you can walk to everything. Of course it is great to save money, but it's almost better that you also save a lot of time. It is also easy and safe for students to take home after a shopping - or go into town trip.

Nightlife and Bars:
The nightlife in Florence is surprisingly vibrant and active. Behind the many Renaissance facades pops after dark numerous discos and nightclubs forward. With them will also be various little speculative personages, and it's worth to emphasize to students that even though Florence is a relatively small town, you need to take care of themselves, never go alone so on.

Food and shopping:
The food in Florence is a whole chapter in itself. It is almost impossible to find a place where the food is bad or just mediocre. By contrast, almost wading one of the great Italian eateries. Most eateries have both the traditional well-known Italian food, but several of the sites also have Tuscan specialties. They are certainly not poor - and even discerning Danish high school students can appreciate a piece of good bread with Tuscan wild boar students.

As in all tourist towns, you can easily shop in Florence. Here it is not the big chain stores that dominate but the specialty shops. Here are many fine especially jewelry - and art shops. However, I must emphasize that both HogM, Zara and other good certainly is to be found in the city.

Out in the blue

Tuscany is lovely! And it will almost be a shame if the students had the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape. We decided that our students had a trip to Pisa. You can buy several trips through our travel agency where you can benefit of dining on Italian farms and other goodies. Our budget was relatively tight, so we decided to take the train. However, it was a surprisingly expensive pleasure. The prices are not far from the Danish, although it helped that we were a traveler classroom.

The Leaning Tower and much more:
Trains travel to Pisa takes about an hour and though you drive through some industrial areas we see also some of the lovely Tuscan countryside. Pisa and the Leaning Tower was fun to watch the students. They spent a long time taking the classic tourist images, which respectively pushing or holding the tower up. We did not visit the tower itself, which must be booked in good time before the trip, and the tickets are relatively expensive.

If you think that Pisa is a little too pmIche, you can also rent a bus and visit the cities of Siena and San Gimignano, about 70km from Florence. Both are medieval towns that have retained much of their original structure. Siena offers twice a year at the famous horse racing, where horses from the city's various neighborhoods konkurer against each other at the town hall square, which for the occasion has been covered by soil. Quartz Clean each have their symbol or rather crest. It can be quite entertaining to walk around the city and find the different characters. Also notice the town hall in Siena, which was the inspiration for Copenhagen Town Hall. San Gimignano famous for its towers and is considered one of Tuscany's best-kept medieval cities and is very authentic to move around in. There are also numerous other smaller cities relatively close to Florence, you can easily visit.

Florence is never completely finished!
Florence is a wonderful wonderful city. Here is a little of everything in very orderly and therefore it can be recommended as a measure of a study.

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