Athens - cradle of democracy

Athens - cradle of democracy

Athens and Greece in general may not be inside the best development for the time, but it should in no way intimidated by a visit here. Athens has - and will always garden something special to offer. intermediary discounted trips to Greece via Travelling from Hamburg Airport .
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company visits

We begin with the less obvious - namely business visit to Athens. Normally you associate a study tour in Greece with old (and spændendeJ), but if you are traveling with a hhx-class Athens has indeed very contemporary to offer. In, for example. visit the largest dairies in Greece. They called FAGE and Delta. FAGE produces the Greek yogurt TOTAL, as we know in Denmark. A visit will include a lecture on dairy and its operations. You will also have the opportunity to see the production of one of the dairy products.

It is also an option to visit, for example. the family-owned winery Papagiannakos, which is approximately 30 kilometers from Athens. The winery is a small but very well-known company that produces a recognized Greek wine. Some sections of the Greek version of "Master Chef" has been held at the winery. The family has for generations produced wine, but instead is built in new and modern style, where the architecture among other things is much emphasis on creating the best opportunities that may have impact on the wine. Here you get an insight into the production of wine from grape to bottle and export. May be offered 3 vinsmagsprøver and this serves small snacks. The owner is trained in marketing, and is in a class with a focus on exports, selection, innovation, etc., then this angle is also possible. When you or your travel agent contact them, please inform your interests so that the visit can be between angles optimally. It is of course also possible to visit other wineries.

It is possible to arrange the visit to SOS Children's Village. It is a home for orphaned children in an endeavor to imitate home. The children are divided into families with a "mother" in each. Lectures are given in English about the operation. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

The visit is fitted into the children's everyday lives. On a visit to the SOS children's village it is customary to bring a token gift. The children's village is located south of Athens at Vari and can possibly. combined with a visit to the Temple of Poseidon at Soúnion.

The Danish Institute in Athens is also an interesting visit. It is both a research institute and a cultural institute. The Foundation aims to promote research, education and culture in Greece and Mediterranean archeology, history, language, literature, visual arts, architecture and cultural traditions. You will gain insight into how the institute works, what they do and why they have a Danish Institute in Athens, etc.

Then there is the possibility that a more specific lectures on a topic that the group has an interest. This can eg. Be on the Acropolis excavations in the ancient city of Kalydon, Ancient Greek Theatre or The Athenian Democracy. It goes almost without saying that for a story interested class is a visit here obvious.

Visit the Institute must be arranged by contacting the Institute.

At the Danish Embassy in Athens you can have a talk with an employee here. It is exciting to hear about the Danish work in Athens and get an honest view of the Greek economy and the refugee situation.

Visit Parliament - the place where things happen ...
As everyone knows, democracy was one Athenian invention, so it is said to be very appropriate to visit the Greek Parliament, when in Athens. Furthermore, it is said to be a place that characterizes the European policy pt. You can book a guided tour in English here. The focus is on parliament's historie. Be aware that the visit to the parliament is very popular, so be in good time and examine the application process - it's a bit convoluted.

Parliament is on Syntagma Square, which is home to both the Greek president and parliament. The site is protected by armed soldiers dressed in the slightly distinctive uniform with skirt. By changing of the guard assembled hundreds of tourists especially on the spot, which generally also visited by pigeons in the dozens. The greatest experience is to follow the changing of the guard Sunday. 11. Just behind the parliament building is Athens' biggest park, the National Park, where you can sit in the fierce sun, relax and watch the world go by.

All that old rubbish ... So we finally came to it ... For as Athens and Greece is perhaps best known for ...


Acropolis Museum
Get a good start and introduction ... starting with a visit to the Acropolis Museum. It is a unique, fully modern museum for the finds from the Acropolis rock, making use of the latest museological initiatives. We here at Student Guide can be clearly recommended to visit this museum before you see the Acropolis. This makes students namely equipped to understand what they see.

Ancient Greek cities were built on and around an acropolis, a rock that allowed himself to fortify and defend. The most famous is the Acropolis of Athens, which is the monument of political and cultural achievements of Greece's heyday. The main attractions in this area are Parthenon Temple of Athena, Karyatidehallen with kvindestatuerne and the temple of the goddess of victory Nike. The approximately 2500 years old edifice is located in Athens outskirts perched on a cliff, and the beautiful sight can be seen from virtually anywhere in Athens. A nice touch for travelers school class is that young people under 18 have free access.

Dionysus Theatre
The theater carved out of the Acropolis' southern rock. Its history goes back to the 6th century BC, when Dionysus sanctuary was built. For the cult also heard theater construction, and we have here the very first sprout to the European theater. In the 5th century BC built the classic tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides at the annual Dionysosfest. It makes a visit here more depth if students home have read excerpts from tragedies. In addition, the theater was used as a gladiator arena in the 3rd century BC, when the Romans could fit no less than 17,000 people.

Olympieion - The largest temple in ancient times
In an effort to win people's love began tyrant Peisistratos, to build a temple in honor of the Greek god Zeus. The temple, however, was not completed until the Romans during the second century AD. 15 high Corinthian marble columns at 17.25 m out of the original 104 columns still stand back. However, these are enough to give an impression of the temple quite huge size. It's been about 96 m long and 40 m wide and was the largest temple in ancient times.

When you are in the area, you can visit Planka
It is Athens' oldest town and one of the prettiest. Plaka is just a few hundred meters from Syntagma down to the Acropolis. Here are narrow and winding streets with lots of restaurants and shops of varying quality. The best restaurants serving good Greek food. It's fairly easy to find them, for they are well attended, where the neighbor is almost empty. One could possibly. process visit the Acropolis with a visit to a delicious restaurant in Planka. There may also be in Plakaens leather stores made good trades. There are a number of modern stores where pupils SU can be burned off, but the buildings must not be changed as they are protected.

The National Archaeological Museum
If you simply can not get enough of ancient Greece, the National Museum of Greece's largest and most famous museum. At the museum you can get an impressive and thorough overview of the ancient Greek art.

Caution! When you visitenhances the beautiful ruins ...
There are several things that it is good to be aware of when visiting the ruins. Especially if you have a little lively class.

Be aware that there are very strict control when moving around the ancient sites. It is not right here, you're cocky facing the security guard ... Moreover, there are several places where it is a requirement that you have a guide. There are even restrictions on that as a teacher himself must guide its class around. Also, be very aware of - and inform students referred that one must not take pottery or stone home. Not even those you can buy in the markets around the city. It's not something you see at least in Greece.

Everything good from the ocean…

There are just a few things that we would recommend you to see when you're at Athens, but do not really fit into the previous boxes ...

Lycabettus Hill
Cog railway from Ploutarchou mound, with its 277 m seen, wherever you are in Athens. I can go all the way up through different paths, which takes about an hour or can be girls and choose to take the rack railway. Because of the fantastic views of the city of Athens, the mound is a very popular place for Athenians. On Lykabettóshøjen is a restaurant, a few cafes, which makes the mound to a fine goal for a good walk.

plateia sintagma
This place is home to the Greek Parliament, Vouli building. In the background you will find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The National Guard is constantly on guard in front of the grave. The soldiers are wearing the famous uniform with kilt and red shoes with tassels. The best time to visit the square on Sundays at. 11:00, where there is a change of guard.

Based on trip

There are lots of exciting places around Athens that deserve a visit.

Ancient Delphi
No study trip to Athens without visiting Delphi - Ancient famous oracle where people previously flocked to, to get answers to all sorts of questions about their fate. Rent a bus and take off in the morning to the high Parnassos mountain. On the trip out there you will see the landscape change from the flat in Athens to a lush mountainous area. You will see the Temple of Apollo and the Holy Road. Then you can follow the paths around and see the many other shrines - and finally, to finish with Delphi museum. The museum has a collection of sculptures and fragments of buildings distributed in 13 halls.

Combine Delfi-trip with a stop at the beautiful Ossios Lucas Monastery, where you can eat a traditional Greek lunch and go for a walk in the beautiful area. This trip is suitable very much as a full day excursion.

Cape Sounion
Cape Sounion is a popular destination and known for Poseidon Temple, which according to Greek mythology sea God. The temple is built around 440 years BC, and the remaining ruins are located on a site with water on three sides.

The place is also known for being the Athens Riviera due. The many beaches and luxury hotels. It is also obvious to pause here, so you get soaked tired feet in the salty sea. Time it possible so that I can watch the sunset. It is not bad.

ancient Corinth
Corinth was a wealthy place because the area lay on a narrow isthmus between the Saronic and the Corinthian bay with harbors on both sides. Items for Greece could be easily transported this way. Even way back in the Stone Age chose this road because it is the shortest route from the eastern Mediterranean to the Adriatic Sea. This exciting history can be seen at the local museum, as you can see the remains of the Roman city and the Greek Temple of Apollo. Furthermore, there is the marble-plated Lechaion-road that connected the port with the city.

Athens combines history with exciting current flashpoints!

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