Club La Santa - active holiday on your way

Club La Santa - active holiday on your way

Club La Santa is the world's biggest playground for active people. A place where the sport is "all inclusive". That means you can enjoy the facilities, classes and entertainment for free. Club La Santa is for all levels and ages.

Club La Santa has 75,000 m2 hotel, sports and exercise facilities, including water sports, swimming stadiums, leisure pool, bike center, diving center, golf course, restaurants and supermarket. For children between 3 and 12 years, children's club with lots of offers. Every night there is entertainment. Prices from about Per 5000. person, depending on season, number etc.

The many great facilities and the professional training and instruction from Club La Santa's own Green Team instructors, gives you the opportunity to try new sports and improve your technique in your favorite sport. Just as it is free to use the facilities, it is also free to borrow equipment. Each week, Club La Santa a comprehensive weekly program with lots of sports and activities.

You must not be good for the sport to participate - you should be happy activity, physical activity and sport. The majority of guests at Club La Santa comes to vacation, play and have fun - but the professional guests also Club La Santa - both individually and in groups. So you can easily meet a world champion and other big sports stars during your vacation.

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In connection with the vacation planning is often essential to choose a child-friendly destination. Club La Santa has lots of activities and tournaments just for children and young people every week - such as football, teen fitness, windsurf- and swimming lessons, as well as a kids club filled with fun, play and community.

When you travel to Club La Santa, standing more than 40 activities and associated facilities ready for you. Additionally, you can borrow equipment, take lessons from competent instructors and participate in fun tournaments. The frames are perfect for family holidays where all are active, both together and separately.

Travelling as a single, Club La Santa a holiday paradise. The many social activities and opportunities at Club La Santa, means that there is always someone to be with, in a completely natural way. You can participate in a variety of team activities and social tournaments all week and you fall naturally into conversation with the other guests.

Year-round organizing Club La Santa more single theme and event weeks where you meet active and healthy people from across the country who are also on single holiday.

Club La Santa is located in the northwest of Lanzarote and the island is 130 km from the coast of Africa and is one of the Canary Islands. Lanzarote offers clear water, sun and warmth year round. In March 2014 opened La Santa doors to 96 new apartments, which together with the older part of the complex can accommodate 1,400 sleeping guests. In addition there is also added two Olympic swimming pools, aerobics area, a sports hall, squash courts, a golf training area, a new bike center, recreation areas and a large modern conference center.

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