Barcelona - the obvious choice ....

Barcelona - the obvious choice ....

If you are on a study tour, Barcelona is the obvious choice. Here are several sites that will satisfy virtually any teacher while the students enjoying the good weather, the city and the many shopping and walking in-town options.

Get up close to one of Europe's major destinations

must see

When you visit Barcelona, ​​there are a number of things that may seem almost mandatory. One of them is of course Antonio Gaudi's amazing church; La Segrada Familia, still being worked on. There is usually a long queue in front of the church, and it can really pay to book and pay the tickets home. This is done easily and comfortably from their website. There follows an audio guide with which tells the church's interior and exterior, and it is good to get students to understand the magnificence of the church. Especially impressive interior and the interior of the church where Gaudi obviously takes its inspiration from the forest. There is often a lot of tourists with accompanying noise, but with audio guide gets you focus on the content and lose themselves not in all the noise. A visit here is certainly not wasted!

If you can not get enough of Gaudi, there are several other things that are worth a visit. Here, for example. Park Guell mentioned. It's a big park, decorated with sculptures of imaginary creatures and buildings created by Antonio Gaudi. The park is very beautiful and impressive and suitable for eating an ice cream and sit on one of the many benches in the sun. However, you must remember to something new, you have to pay entrance to see the houses and sculptures. Until a short time ago it was free.

Camp Nou:
To also satisfy drengerøvene in the class included the study tour also includes a visit to Barcelona's Camp Nou. Again, it pays to buy tickets from home and get up early in the morning, for that was filled with enthusiastic students in long queues. The ticket includes a visit to their museum, a little tour in the stands and journalists seats. Furthermore, there is the visiting team locker rooms and finally end the tour in the impressive souvenir shop. The visit shows real students how much business the big football clubs. It's not just sports and entertainment - it is a business in itself.

A visit to Barcelona should also include a visit to the old town "Barrio Gotico". Here are curvy roads, churches, altars and other goodies. With a good guide - or a knowledgeable teacher - it can not fail to impress students. In this town is Barcelona's city museum, which is a very fine museum. In particular, the basement, where a footbridge go between the Roman ruins nice. I had a hhx-class and even Roman history might not be their focus, they were very impressed and engaged in ruins.

hidden gem

When you have seen the things you like to see in Barcelona, do not forget that there are a variety of things that may not enjoy the same attention, but definitely worth a visit. These include the chocolate museum; Museo de la Xocolata.

Museo de la Xocolata
The museum offers a tour and then a tasting of chocolate. The concept sounds pretty ordinary, but it works great. First there is a review of chocolate's history right from the Incas use to launch in Europe and how we use it today. The tour is vivid, detailed and exciting. During the tour you can see the sculptures made at the recent competition in chocolate art. Then there tasting the chocolate. It was very interesting to taste the difference, for example. hot and cold chocolate. Students came among other things also to taste the difference between cocoa beans from a tree that has stood next to an orange tree and one who has not. There was peace and concentration in few hours, the anger. Ovenikøbet the visit was surprisingly cheap. A true gem where you get a lot for your money.

Hidden City Tours
Barcelona and Spain in general have recently been hit by an economic crisis. The result is a rather interesting concept out and it's called; "Hidden City Tours". It is a guide company, where a former homeless person who shows around the city. The guide is based on its own experience and says that basis on the situation in the country. In addition, the Wizard displays the hidden side of the city; soup kitchens, places not to stay after dark, brothels, for former prostitutes and so on. It was very interesting for students to see and h a mixed ash; re on the other side of town than that usually are show tourists. The guide tells very committed, vibrant and knowledgeable, so it will never be a banal examination of curiosities. The guide has also put himself into the slightly more traditional urban history, so it can also be included, if desired. As a teacher, you must remember to tell the wizard which angle you want on the tour.

Ice Bar Barcelona:
One can discuss the academic relevance, but a visit to the Ice Bar Barcelona at the Olympic Village hit with students. The concept is a bar, which is minus 20 degrees. Simply. Included in the entrance are loans of gloves and jacket and a drink. Remember to book space and time from home. There is often a long queue, and the bar is relatively small. The bar is located at the old Olympic Village, where there are now surfaced several exclusive nightclubs up. It made perfect sense to join a packed day with a visit to the Ice Bar Barcelona and then give students -almost - free rein in the nightlife.

Location, location, location

Barcelona is a great city, and it certainly pays just to familiarize themselves with where it is appropriate to stay in terms of its study tour program. The city is in fact so large that it is impossible to walk from one end to the other, and the transport can take very inconvenient time. Moreover, there are places in Barcelona, ​​where very little fun to stay with a school class. Be in good time to book hotel for the cheapest and best-ranked places smoking first. Barcelona is a popular study destination for classes from all over Europe, so there may be pressure on.

Transport and accommodation:
During one that my stay in the city we lived on the beach. We visited Barcelona in a heat wave, so it suited fine for the beach is great, the sea was warm, and the bars were well attended. Unfortunately meant our location by the beach that was very much up to the city, and therefore always be calculated extra travel time. Barcelona has a fine metro, but especially in the sense are few and far between stations.

During another of my visit we stayed inside of the Rambla, and it was absolutely perfect in relation to the metro and restaurants. In return, the noise at night impressive - the annoying way.

Of course there are many restaurants in Barcelona and there are many that offer food for groups. A simple search on google, you can find them. A good idea is to agree price and menu from home. It causes unnecessary friction and to discuss and kordinere with students and partly to make itself heard by the operation, which is not always absolutely sure of the English. In general, prices in restaurants more than reasonable, but beware quality. Some of the restaurants located close to the Ramblas, the quality varies. Here there will be heated very much industrially, are called "homemade Spanish". If you go a little further out of the small streets, there is something there. Here are several good restaurants, both featuring different types of tapas but also in paella and other excellent local delights.

Barcelona is also a nice city for shopping. Here are both the popular local brands; Zara, Mango, Pull and Bear, etc., But there are also the more exclusive; Hugo Boss, Armani etc. And of course all the major international; H and M, Esprit. The Spanish brands are slightly cheaper than at home, while the prices of other brands is roughly the same as in Denmark.

Out of town

If you get too much of Barcelona or just want to see something different, it's also an opportunity to take a little away from the city and see something. You can visit for example. SEAT. We had on one of my trips booked a trip through our travel agent, but it was unfortunately canceled at the last moment when they got some new models home that we could not watch. Instead we were offered a trip to the mountain and monastery of Montserrat, with subsequent visit to a winery. It was a hit among students. The monastery with the famous Black Madonna is located in the hills outside of Barcelona, ​​and just the ride on the steep and tortuousroads addition is impressive. The monastery can be visited and payable hall. But you can also just choose to look at the buildings, and then go for a walk in the fine mountains. Here are several paths that provide a good view.

The visit to the vineyard was fine and informative. It included a guided tour and then a tasting of the products. Once again it worked mighty good to show students an industry they may not always be aware of.

To put it short!
Barcelona has everything a teacher desires. It provides endless opportunities to angle his study, fit the study area, the accompanying subject or theme. Students enjoy the big city, the heat and all the impressions. With Barcelona as a destination can not be far wrong!

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