Study trip to London

Study trip to London

London is the safe choice. Whether there is a study with the class, a romantic trip with boyfriend or a festive trip with friends.

Quick, safe and cheap to London

The city does usually no introduction, so we focus here in the intro instead of what is good to know generally before London chosen as a destination, and what you should think about before departure. London is an expensive city, very pricey. Therefore, you as a student to be creative to make room in the budget to conduct a study, or the like in London. However, it can be done, you just need to know a little about the city and travel companies. Because, while London is pricey, but it is also a city that wants to be open to all people and share the many treasures that the city offers.

Consequently, there are acceptable hostels, and others a bit more creative options than hotels, for those who spend little time in research before departure. And it may in many areas really pays to plan in a visit to London. Everything from the basics, like having a small umbrella in your bag for choosing to place the journey, when there are big events, and of course on weekdays instead of weekends if possible. Do you want the most for your money, it is important to do things when most other people do not. -Supply and demand.

Transportation to and London

This is the light part. Flying planes galore from Denmark to London and would you want you can also drive or sail there. You can find the cheapest flights to London . Wondered when you try you with different departure dates, to look at accommodation via link simultaneously when a plane may well be cheap in a period where accommodation is very expensive. Try continued to think logically. Many people fly on Sunday, Monday and Friday (work and leisure) why these days are often more expensive. Check the travel time and cost of transport to and from the airport before ordering. It is a shame that the land at airports where it is difficult and expensive to get to London City, if you only have a few days in the city, or have tried to save on plane tickets. And with six international airports associated with London, so there is a real chance.

London Travel Card / Oyster:
If you need to be in just a few days, then it usually pays to grab an Oyster / travel card. London has a fantastic public transport, and you will surely come to use much of it. But without planning it can also quickly become very expensive. Visit therefore London's official tourism site here where you can get more info on Oyster card and of course the city in general.

Lodging in London

And it is here where you need to keep your tongue in your mouth. House prices in and around London is outrageously high, and this is reflected obviously in indlogerings prices.

If you are many and want it a little delicious, and is more flexible sleeping options, so you can usefully consider renting a furnished apartment or house (sublet). It may seem expensive at first øjensyn but 30,000 kr. For a week is not much if you are 20 students who then splices ten mattresses at IKEA for 300 kr. Apiece. Holder equation have yourselves a week in London, a good place for approximately 2,500 per student with flight and accommodation covered. Start possibly here .

Finally, it is again a good idea to think logically. For it to be cheap, one must also give up certain things. It can not be for a five star hotel of London City. But perhaps a three out of season, or a convenient location an hour outside of London if the quality of the accommodation is more important to you than the density of attractions. Remember again that London has a fantastic public transport system, so even 1.5 hours outside of London there is constant train inside the city until midnight usually.

Attractions in London

Yes, here comes the really wonderful thing about London, because no matter what you are (except sun and beach), then London it.
About the class is interested in languages, history, art, economics, architecture, etc. then this is the place to visit. There are endless opportunities to get to grips with and most often they are free and extremely well-run.

Go exploring in time and see the impressive collection of treasures that Storbritantien have collected using. Their empire through hundreds of years. It may sound basic for some, but the British Museum, which contains these treasures will impress most while there learned a lot. If you need it most with, then set aside a whole day for this prague full museum, but for those interested could easily use three full days here. This is a must-visit, and you can read more about British Museum here .

Trafalgar Square:
Trafalgar Square is worth a visit in itself. There is always filled with happy people. You will find people on their way to work, sometimes people are warming up for a football game or just stand and talk, or entertain - in short, Trafalgar Square is always filled with joy and buzz that we after many trips in London believe is a good picture of what London is. Not forgetting that the square you will find the National Gallery. Again, if you are not interested in art, this is a place to be visited. Like the British Museum is free to visit and it contains all of the world's art treasures. See, for example. Van Gogh's sunflowers, Picasso's chair and thousands of other eminent paintings. All together well described and presented. Read more about National Gallery here .

London Eye:
Although it is London's new landmarks, so do not cheat yourself and take a trip. It costs about 150 kr. Per person as you drive around for ten minutes and then it's over. The view is good, but it's not worth the money. Instead, use some of the money in St Paul's Cathedral and enjoy the impressive filled with history. Here you can move up in the tower and get an even better view, first stop when you do not bother anymore. Are you physically disabled However, this is a bad idea, as there are many stairs up, which is certainly not wheelchair friendly.

Go to the theater:
In addition to Broadway in New York, then London probably the best place in the world to go to the theater. There are international shows in the world almost every night and since you did in London takes place also in a language that you hopefully understand. See more about theater performances and pre-order here .

At boyfriend / vennetur and festive:

After perhaps a little shorter now involved with any of the above attractions, there may be room for a restaurant visits and / or a good drink. Should I, at least treat yourself to when London offers all sorts of types of food in all price ranges. The same is of course the case for cocktails and drinks. Below we divide the obvious depending on the type of trip you must:

Vennetur: We know it is not quite cheap, but you can save when you get home. I must of course in and watch a football match with a local team. There are of course talking about Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Fulham. After it takes in into a pub in the city, get fish and chips and beer. Before I get too tipsy moves on to the Mayfair Hotel , where you play big shots and enjoy a good cigar and / or a great cocktail. The tour continued in the city, we do not go through here, as it still will be forgotten at the time.

Girlfriend: There is no doubt, the trip started on Oxford Street, where to shoppes until noon. For there it's on to The Savoy , whereIn paying the price for sitting in the historic surroundings of London's elite, who enjoy the best tea and a huge selection of cakes ad libitum. And yes, we know you were not ready to shop, so it continue with until dinner can be enjoyed in one of London's many lovely restaurants. Then get ready for a night out in one of the best go-to-town cities.

Romantic trip: Rent a nice room in London City. Rather a few days less a good place than the other way in this situation. As a man you'll probably no shopping part. Do it in the morning and not on Fridays! Enjoy one of the major sights then, such as The Tower of London , Imperial War Museum (she was of course also allowed to shop!) Before heading back to the hotel. Find one of London's best restaurants for the price here before heading to the theater. Get the authentic atmosphere with a beer at one of the many English pubs, or be gelant and bid on a cocktail one of the finer places in London City. Finish with a ride home in a classic London Taxi. Yes, it is worth the money and incredibly nice to go for a ride with them still.

London - Gee is a travelogue at all necessary ?!

When you hear about how the different colleges go, it is striking how few trips to London. The answer must be found in the fact that it is a city where students are relatively frequently on their own. It's a shame for London gives every opportunity to angle a study, fit the study area, while the language increases students' opportunity to have a high academic output of the trip.

Seeing London:
There are a lot of things to see in London, so we can definitely recommend that one of the first days taking a guided tour of the city. It is simply impossible to visit and focus on all the attractions of London, but by getting a guided tour, students at least a glimpse of the most famous sights. There is a wealth of opportunities - both the known and - half animal - red guide buses, as well as themed guides. Consider, for instance. get a Jack The Ripper guide and can find a guide that focuses on Ghost Walks, on "The ethnic London, Harry Potter etc. Try to hear your travel agent, they are usually very helpful otherwise you can get far with a simple search on google.

Alternatively, we have the Student Guide also good experiences allow students to be guides. Prior to the study trip part one class into pairs, and each pair will be responsible for an attraction in London. Then, students read about the attraction, and improved a small presentation about this. There are so many attractions in London that there is absolutely not a problem to find sights that are written about, for all couples in the class.

To save itself work can even get The pupils to stand to find your way from attraction to attraction. It both saves teacher for hassle while it gives students an experience in how to behave in the big cities.

Historical perspective:

Because there is so infinitely much to see in London, we have shared our shrimp description into different themes. As Student Guide visited London it was primarily with a historical purpose, so here we go.
Something you must see if you want to have a historical component of its study is the sublime British Museum.

British Museum:
Is nothing short of AMAZING! There are infinitely many things to see. One can hardly mention the culture or civilization whose history is not represented here. Parthenon Friseen is obviously hugely impressive, but also the Assyrian løvejagtsfrise or the Egyptian mummies is impressive not to mention armor from the Middle Ages or the great church equipment and Rosetta stone, which is any sprognørds wet dream.

But we might as well tell it like it is: you can not see it all in a day or a visit. Man'll have to have a focus or a theme. Museum shop and the website has several good ideas for themed tours through the museum. Remember also to check whether there are special exhibitions. The museum is incredibly good at attracting new special exhibitions. They both had a great exhibition about the Vikings and had some of the impressive terrakottakrigere from China.

Also note that the museum has free themed tours with guides. They are very informative, and the Wizards are good at adapting the language and content to belong to clean. When Studenterguidens representative visited the museum we followed a walk around the angelic figures in different times and cultures. It was very fascinating and even though the subject is said to be the geeky side managed wizard to quicken the material so that even a lazy Danish high school class came in the hour, it all lasted.

And one last thing: The museum is free !!!! It is more public museums in Britain - no one really could learn something from home. There is especially a church, we can and must see when visiting London because it simply is the epitome of English history and culture:

Westminster Abbey:

One could almost call Westminister Abbey for England church that is hardly the king, queen, culture, personal, inventor etc. Are not available here. You could almost make a contest among students who can find the most famous people in here. Be aware though the church is also used for church purposes and a lot of priests ensures that there will hold a serious mood. The church is at times also so popular that you can not completely determine the pace you keep things in, but will have to follow the crowd.

Try during the visit noticing the very different burial customs, there have been at different times. The inventor of the steam engine behind an obscure small stones, while an unknown baron has the most pompous, extravagant tomb. One can be totally overwhelmed by how many famous people are buried here, or people who have a memorial. It is highly recommendable that you just put into how different is buried, so you do not miss one. In addition, there are so many good stories about, many of gravmælerne.

Last on the historic list comes the Tower of London. If you just had the slightest about Henry 8 and all his wives and daughters in education gives great meaning to come here. Here you can see Traitors Gate where Elisabeth it. 2. were transported through when her half-sister, Mary the Bloody, had taken her prisoner. One can see the tower where the prisoners through the centuries have written their name into the wall, and if you are super lucky can you get a glimpse of the church where Anne Boyen is buried. The Crown Jewels are also kept at the Tower of London, and is obviously quite impressive.

The famous Beefeaters provide excellent tours in a vivid and easy to understand English. Furthermore, using the current tour themselves of some of the latest museological initiatives that make a visit great.

Art and Nature:

London boasts many extremely excellent art museums. For example., The great National Gallery, which has pictures of all the great painters - both British and foreign. As with the British Museum, we can not emphasize the importance of giving greater priority certain painters or periods otherwise it ends up that lost in the crowd. Please note that also in this museum has a tradition of having free and fantastic tours. Tours can both focus on a single image or a single painter. As always used to tourists and express themselves in a comprehensible but at the same time living language.

There are also National Portal Gallery, which, as the name suggests, are portraits of famous people in English history. It requires a thorough knowledge of English history before you completely get something out of a visit.

Church of St. Paul:
Often called Protestantism beautiful church and not without reason. It is breathtakingly beautiful and should be compulsory for a visit to the British capital. Be sure to come up at the top. Here you get the best view in London.It can LondonEye not measure up to.

The Harry Potter Experience:
Something a little different, but which also can be described as artistic is a visit to The Harry Potter Experience. Here you can see how films are made at the same time that one can move around the scenes, visit Diagon Alley or watch the large dining hall at Hogwarts. The visit is suitable as part of a course of fantasy.

The last in this category, we here at Student Guide mention the fine parks, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, sædeles suitable for a lunch break in the sun, where you can see the Londoners and maybe even get a glimpse of the strange pelicans that keeps to the park.

The financial perspective:

In London, many companies are of course represented, so you should easily be able to independently find a company that is interesting in connection with a business visit. However, not all companies that want to visit, like it is not all suitable for it. It can therefore be beneficial to contact your travel agent, as they often have established agreements with several companies. Here at Student Guide, we recommend a visit at the londonske football club Chelsea, where you can really see how big an industry football clubs.

London School of Economics:
One of the most prestigious school in the world, and it's fun to get a taste of the atmosphere that exists here. Moreover, it would not matter if you can have planted a few dreams of students ... is a clear advantage if you can get a student to turn around and tell a little about his own approach. There are usually a few Danish students at the school each semester.

Is it old English department store, which has almost become an icon. If you contact them in advance you can get a tour here, where history is reviewed, but you can also get them to talk about branding or a different perspective, one finds interesting ...

Bank of England:
Also tend to welcome visitors. Be aware, however, that their guides use many English technical term, so if students need to have something out of a visit they will have to be familiar with this.


London is a lovely city, and there are few things that disappoints. There are a few things that if we here at Student Guide again to visit the city with a class would probably keep us from.

Madame Tussauds:
A London Favorite among students before departure often wish it as a point on the trip. Our experience is that the price is high and the actual visit a disappointment. The celebrities, you can see that is carefully selected for themes - known, heads of state, royalty and so on. This means that there are some celebrities that are not encouraging, because they do not fit into the themes. It may disappoint some students. Admission is rather pricey - 23-30 pounds. Moreover, one can in a few pictures taken with celebrities - towards a further payment of course. It can act as ripoff.

The big Ferris wheel LondonEye has become very popular and very hyped. However, it is quite expensive, and you get a better view fr St. Paul's Cathedral. So unless the students really insists there is no reason to visit these.

The more hidden gems ....
It is actually nonsense to talk about, there are hidden treasures in London because London is so popular all over the world that there are tourists everywhere ... but there are some things in London, which is not always emphasized enough in various guidebooks.

Old Bailey is one of them and it is otherwise truly worth a visit. Here we see the old courthouses and here also lawyers with the traditional British wigs walk around. Contact them in advance and get a tour by one of the places that are often overlooked.

The fact that London is one of the most multicultural cities in the industrialized world is often forgotten; spoken more than 300 languages. But if you put it perspective on the study tour, opens up many experiences that you might otherwise have overlooked.

London consists of about 50 different ethnic groups. Many of the groups havegathered in each district where their presence is visible in particular range of shops, restaurants and their diverse religions. One could for example. focus on the Jewish quarter with Jewish shops and a number of synagogues.

Hindu Mandir temple
Then you could take a visit to the Hindu Mandir temple, which was the first traditional Mandir in Europe. The Hindu temple is decorated with beautiful carvings and has a permanent exhibition "Understanding Hinduism" which describes Hinduism in general, but also shows examples of areas where India and famous Hindus have contributed significantly within eg mathematics, astronomy and religion. Finally, only to finish with a visit to the Islamic Cultural Centre and The London Central Mosque. The fascinating buildings used both for religious and social purposes and is visited by many people that come from both formal and informal occasions.
In this way one could give his study of ethnic and religious angle.

Out of London

If, for inscrutable reasons suddenly get enough of London and need to look at something else, there are a number of things you can relatively easily get to.

Oxford with its fine university is certainly worth a visit. The city is incredibly beautiful. If you want to involve the city in the classroom could read one of Colin Dexter's excellent books about inspecter Morse that just takes place in Oxford. -you could also see one of the films. There are plenty of opportunities to visit different college where one against entre can access to see the old buildings, chapels and gardens that are still in use.

Approximately 137 km. SW of London, is the historic and famous monument Stonehenge from about 2500 BC, which consists of two large, circular groups of stone; the inner circle is built from smaller, local stone while the large, outer stone is transported to the site from quarries in Wales. The monument has always fascinated, and over the years there have been many theories and fantastic speculation about what the monument has been used; theories have gone on everything from a landing place for UFOs to an observatory and a sacred place where the stones should have had a healing effect. Be aware that the place and the associated tourist center is very well attended. One should also be aware that one can not walk around the stones, but must stay a while away. For some, a visit to Stonehenge, therefore well be a disappointment, but here at Student Guide, we believe, however, that Stonehenge is so iconic that it is always worth a visit.

One can from London also visit the fine historic town of Bath, located in England's only area with hot springs. The town lies at the ancient Roman ford across the River Avon. In the 1st century. AD Romans built a large water plant around a Celtic holy spring, the goddess Sulis, which supplied the large swimming pools with hot mineral water. The old buildings are very well preserved and there are precious mosaics from the time. The museums around this is really exciting because they tell about the time when England was a Roman province. Bath was also a very fashionable city in the 1820s, where the upper class came again to enjoy the hot springs. Part of the plot of Jane Austen's books happening here.

In conclusion ....
Here at Student Guide, we believe that London is the perfect studietursby. Nothing less!!! It provides endless possibilities for variation, themes, and is the perfect blend of professionalism and pleasures. So pressure students, book the trip and have a great study.

Experience the perfect study tour in London