Tromsø - the overlooked gem against North

Tromsø - the overlooked gem against North

In Northern Norway is the cold. In Northern Norway is the crazy winter when the sun is gone. The same is the summer, when there is all the time. Yes, the prejudices about the highest north queuing. No doubt about it. It is not quite fair - it is not fair for Tromsø has very much to offer. Also for a high school class from Denmark.

Visit our neighbors in Norway

What is there to see?

Well, what is there to see?

Polar Museum
Let's start with the museums. Here are some examples Polar Museum, which shows Norway's polar history. Here are exhibits about seal hunting, whaling and how to catch the pure lived and how they traveled. There are examples of the boats that were used, examples of how the prisoners lived, and the harpoons they fired. The entire first floor is devoted to Ronald Asmussen, who spent just Tromsø as a starting port for his polar expeditions. The museum and the exhibits are undeniably rather old-fashioned, but the angling is exciting and it's fun for once to visit a museum where seal hunting and whaling's importance in Norway's history will not be dimmed, but illuminated in all its sometimes gruesome details.

Tromsø is home to the world's most northern university and it is accompanied by a museum. The museum is located at the other end of the island, which Tromso is on, and is certainly worth a visit. The museum holds many special Saami things. The museum examines the various Sami culture; renkulturen, søsamere etc. You see a sample of their traditional costumes and general equipment. It also examines the Sami history and their current situation and position in Norwegian society. It may be a good idea to introduce students to the Sami before visiting Tromso and the museum, as it requires a fairly solid advance knowledge about the Sami. More about Sami later ...

The museum has also focused on other things, and there is also a general historical introduction to how people have survived in these cold regions for thousands of years. There is also accompanied by a kind of open-air museum, which built several houses that illustrate how people have lived in the area for the last hundred years.

If you'd rather see something with animals is also Polaria in Tromsø. Polaria is a kind of aquarium, where the focus is on Arctic marine life. There are lots of different fish and shellfish, but it definitely focus is the great polar seals that hold demonstrations several times a day. Polaria also has a really nice 3D - like cinema. Moreover, this exhibition that discusses the consequences of global warming on the Arctic animals.

Tromso also contains the world's northernmost brewery, Mack, now converted into a museum where you can see how the beer was brewed, but perhaps most interesting is the story of why some chose to be a brewery in Tromso of all places.

Tromsø has a cathedral that is quite fine. However, it is very traditional, and one must say that the most beautiful church is the Arctic Cathedral, located on the mainland on the other side of the fine bridge. It is very beautiful, especially in the winter months it lights up like a little star. It is known as Tromsø landmark, but it is far more beautiful from the outside than from within. If you visit Ishavskatedralen, choose to go across the bridge instead of taking the bus all the way. It is an impressive and very beautiful trip.

The Sami

The Sami are popular terms, the Nordic region's Indians. It is an indigenous people who have lived and live on Nordkalotten among other things by hurrying regulation. In a Danish context, the almost "forgotten", but they are exciting to get acquainted with. In a week in winter is actually sami festival in Tromsø, where there are many different Sami events in the city. One can for example see the famous rensdyrsræs middle of the street in Tromsø, where Saami ski for a clean konkurer to be the fastest. There are also many other exciting events; Sami film in the cinema, tasting of Sami food, joikkoncerter so on. It should be mentioned that joik is a special form of Sami song, which is comparable to the Greenlandic drum dance.

Karasjok and Kautokeino
If you become truly bitten to the Sami, one can take a trip to the Sami festival in Karasjok and Kautokeino, traditionally held over Easter, which keep the annual Sami Eurovision Song Contest and all sorts of other showings. Likewise, they have built a cinema in the ice, where you can see Sami film. The Sami are very proud of their culture and there are many interesting elements in their long history. However, one should as a tourist to be clear on that innumber is always a desire to talk about the culture and history that characterizes showings of Sami thing. Often it is for that to earn good showings and buying souvenirs. Therefore, costing the hall for various things and souvenirs often a farmhouse, and it certainly pays to be a little critical, before airing his wallet.

nature experiences

Luckily there are also many free experiences in Tromsø- which nature is of course the completely great. Tromso do indeed have a lot of experiences to offer.

The seasons are important:
The time of year is very important for Tromso. Larger than in other parts of the world. If you visit Tromsø in the winter, remember that there are dark from October to January and in the months before and after the light is severely limited.

In winter dancing northern lights in the sky storset all evenings and nights, as long as there is cloud cover. You do not organize trips - although it is well possible, because the city itself is so small and light there so small that it does not interfere. In winter there is snow in Tromso, lots of snow. It is not a problem in itself Tromsø, as there is heat in the pedestrian zone and various pavement (!). But it obviously makes it somewhat difficult to get around the country. Fortunately, there is made lysløjper that makes it possible to ski, although there are dark all day.

In summer, the sun is up all day. It's something special going for a walk in the completely quiet city or in the mountains in brilliant sunshine. It gives a dreamlike feeling that you never quite forget.

One should be aware that some people may be very influenced by light; depression or trouble sleeping during winter and difficulty sleeping in summer. Often frames, however people living in polar regions for a long time and not just a short study tour.

In summer it is possible to take Fjellheissan up to a mountain with a nice view of Tromsø. There is also a nice walk route up, beginning at Fjellheisan. If you're following the attractive and relatively easy trip up, you can free get down with Fjellheisan again.

In Tromsø is the world's northernmost university. To this is attached a botanical garden and geological collections, which of course is focused on the polar environment fauna. Especially in the summer months it is very nice and informative and there is a nice view of the island, which greatly suited for a break in the sun. In winter it is covered by several meters of snow, so there has not much to offer.

Summer or winter?

It is important when traveling to Tromso that organizes himself that words here are very in weather violence. In the winter months it snow - a lot - and it obviously makes it difficult to get around. Summer can be warm, but rarely outright hot. Remember warm clothes that can withstand wind and snow. The important thing is shoes. Heating shoes, you can go to the moon and back with. It is hugely important.

The shoes can you use in connection with a hike in the mountains. There is lot to go. One feature is going against Blackamoor, which is the most famous hike in the Tromsø area. But there are many others to leave, and for many different levels of difficulty. It may be a good idea to contact the tourist office in Tromsø. They are very accommodating and can help with a myriad of different hiking routes of varying difficulty and lengths.

What should I try?

When visiting another country, there are some local specialties, you should try. It is of course also in Tromsø.

Let's start with fish soup. Famous Norwegian fish soup is great, bold and lovely ingredients. Any restaurant with respect for themselves have their own variation, which never deviates much from each other. However, the sample. It will not regret. Drink there a beer from the world's northernmost brewery, Mack. It is a must. Not because the beer itself is violent special, but it's funny to say that you have drunk something away.

Whale meat?
If you are brave it is also possible to eat whale meat. It is naturally associated with some ethical discussions etc., But Norway and Japan catches whales, and therefore they can also be eaten here. Here at Student Guide, we are somewhat hypocritical. We have not tasted meat from the impressive animals in the sea, but we have to turn it tasted glorious meat for the brunøejede reindeer. And it is delicious, shall we say. The flesh is juicy, tastes a lot and come in many different variations including many made by Sami recipe.

Candy is required!
Norway has also patented some of the most delicious sweets in the world. For example. be smultringe, which may also be referred to as the lazy girl's klejne. It is a completely circular ring that tastes exactly like a klejne. It may be overlapping, there are two write white bread with butter or jam cinnamic from. It lends itself absolutely as supplies for a hike in the mountains. Moreover, the Norwegians are famous for their lovely waffles. Such a warm one with broaching (similar to sour cream) with a good dollop of jam. Mums. You should not miss out on.

Out of Tromsø

To be honest, it can be a little hard to get out of Tromso, if you do not have bus (and it has rarely, because most arrive by plane), or you have rented a bus. There are, of course, public transport. However, it is a good idea to check when you can come home again. The public transport in the area is very sparse, so there may well be true, right and far between departures.

If you have a car there are of course many options. You can visit the arctic zoo, located about 300 km from Tromsø. You can also visit various cities, which are related to Sami or you can take a drive and see the impressive landscape and take a walk where the landscape lures specially much.

And yes, it's expensive!

There is no way around it. If we here at Student Guide should provide fair and honest descriptions of the cities, we describe, we have to mention that Tromsø - and Norway General- expensive. One can easily find cheap and good hotels. It is generally not a problem. There where your budget is stretched, is associated with food and experiences. A beer costs about 100 Norwegian kr. At a restaurant. A pizza approaching 200 Norwegian kr. And a wine is very expensive. In addition, it costs a lot to go on tour and hall. It costs for example, about 1,000 kr. To go on a whale safari. Remember to recognize entrer, as an important part of your budget.

In conclusion

But even if we end with a warning, let us be clear in brokered: Take to Tromso. It's worth the trip. Especially if it's a special nature experiences that are paramount.

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