Iceland and Reykjavik - Perhaps the world's most beautiful country?

Iceland and Reykjavik - Perhaps the world's most beautiful country?

Iceland has just been named the world's most beautiful country in a major international study. That in itself makes the Island a prime target for a study tour. For travel and accommodation here


It is natural that a study trip to Iceland begins in Reykjavik. The city, which is called the world's smallest city, is also worth spending a few days on. Reykjavik is a fairly small town, and it is an advantage when you are on a study of it makes it possible to go around to different things.

One of the things you definitely should see in the city, Hall Grim Church. Hall Grim Church is Iceland's largest and dominates also the cityscape from its place on top of a hill. The church, begun in 1945 and first was completed 30 years later, to resemble a mountain of lava and is named after the Icelandic poet Hallgrimur Pétursson. From the church's 75m. high tower is a stunning view over the city.

Reykjavik landmark Perlan, located at the top of a hill in the city's outskirts, and you also see when in Reykjavik. Here are stored Reykjavik's geothermal reservoirs in six large tanks, on top of which the characteristic glass dome Perla is located. Perlan include a museum and a restaurant with stunning views of the city.

But you might need to take the most time, when in Reykjavik is to go and look at all the different fashion - and art shops. The Icelandic fashion and art have long been quite hyped, and it is very evident when you walk around and look at the city's selection of fashion and galleries. In a study could possibly. create a task with the students where they alone were to go around and find examples of contemporary Icelandic art and fashion. But do not count on that you can get some of the fine examples of home. The clothes and the art is enormously expensive, so here applies to the old expression "probably look but do not touch" greatly.

The back side of the medal

We might as well be honest. Equally stunning and dazzling nature in Iceland is just as deadly dull, the Icelandic museums. Their national museum is old-fashioned. It contains a lot of fine objects that are not being presented properly, and therefore does not come into their own. Moreover, one can not help but to get an idea that Icelanders suffer a little bit of an inferiority complex. Their saga period is described in the smallest details, while their period as a Danish colony virtually zero footprint. Their secession and post-contrast back-lit very carefully.

The Icelandic sagas can, to our great and maybe a little naive surprise, not seen in some places. By contrast, we visited a saga museum in the føromtalt Perlan, which was quite fine, but definitely turned to some, nothing turned on, neither sagas or Vikings. It was extremely elemental and thus directly boring if already known stories.

In other words, one should not put his great trust in the Icelandic museums. But it must be contrary to their very stunning scenery.

The nature

If you need to Iceland on a study, the nature and trips into the be in focus. On our trip up there we did the

giant roars to use for a long time in Reykjavik and a short time to nature. So our advice is; Remember to focus on nature. There are several things in nature that can be seen when using Reykjavik as a base. Here is the Blue Lagoon one of the things. The Blue Lagoon is simply a lagoon with hot water from underground.

The blue Lagoon
Here are bathing in the mineral rich, warm salty water while snow can descend around you. It does not get more exotic and full of contrasts. You can choose between several types of steam rooms and then go in the sauna. The Blue Lagoon is a major tourist attraction, so you can come to feel a bit trapped in tourist hell on the one hand, but on the other hand, the experience sounique that students will surely remember and appreciate the experience.

From the port of Reykjavik is possible to go whale watching with a lot of different providers, and whale watching are always a hit with the students. Here sail out in a second-boat with a guide - and yes, chasing one season whales. Sometimes it's the pairing happy humpback whales, sometimes the playful dolphins or even the impressive and intelligent orcas. Remember to take a good camera, be sure to get there early so you get a room with a good view. The boats can sometimes be really popular and you get to be incredibly close. Remember, however, above all, warm clothing. It can be extremely cold to be in the wind for a whole day, even if it is the Icelandic summer.

Volcano Cafe?
After a day at sea - perhaps even a cold trip - you can join the tour with a visit to the famous Vulcan Cafe, located on the harbor. Here there are both film and exhibitions (at very reasonable prices) around the volcanoes, you can buy nerdy volcano souvenir, and you can get a meal for very little money.

The amazing almost divine auroral have many opportunities to see the Island - also in Reykjavik. There is also the opportunity to book a trip where you are running outside of the city lights, where you can see the stunning bays of purple, pink, green and blue colors meander. It goes without saying that, in this case highly dependent on the clear sky.

If you need Reykjavik

It is important to have a good travel agency, when going to Iceland. It is extremely sensitive to that they can help one to get out of town where a lot of experiences await. Consider, for instance. visit Strokkur geyser. Strokkur is unlike Geysier that next Quench, still going strong. It spews out every three minutes, roaring jets of scalding water up to 30 meters in the air. It takes only a few seconds each time - but what seconds!

You can also visit Gullfoss waterfall, one of Iceland's most famous waterfall, which cascades of water drops more than 30m into a deep, deep canyon. When you are in the area can also visit Thingvellir National Park, where the country's first parliament in 930 was formed.

Lovely Hekla:
Lovely Hekla - the most famous volcano in Iceland - is also an impressive visit. The hot-tempered lady has erupted 16 times between 1104 and 1991 and it carries surroundings naturally influenced by. The area was once fertile, but is now barren and deserted, and the lava, there are still remnants of old settlements and life. Although the area is somewhat sad and comforting solved, there is now something about going so close to one of the strongest forces of nature in the world.

Out on tour - never sur

There are plenty of opportunities to be more active and even get out in the fresh air and get used body. It could, for instance. being on a ride.

Island is known for their small strong, robust and charming horses. They are known throughout the world and the Icelanders are immensely proud of them. If you visit the Island is also a big mistake if you do not say hello to them. This can take place in many different ways. You can visit one of the many stutteriser who love to show around to talk about their breeding. You can also get out and see the great horse herds going strong at the large, free open spaces. Here at Student Guide we still believe there is only one way to meet the Icelandic horses. And it is on horseback. There's a myriad of offers to get going - and there are offers for both the experienced rider and for the novice.

Walking routes - even on horseback!
There are lots of hiking trails on the Island. There are some that come close to the glaciers and there are others that are focused on the desert-like country in the middle of the island. It's good to have a guide who can tell about the landscape and history and not least can help find good and safe paths.

There is also the opportunity to try river rafting, snowmobiling or jeep. The possibilities are many, but is determined by the travel agency / providerand of course, the time of year.


Unfortunately, this is a highly relevant section to carry.

You often hear that the Island is designated as being unreasonable animals. And it fits unfortunately. And often it's more than just unreasonable dyrt- it is horribly expensive. Specifically it to go out and eat and drink can be a sizable expense in a travel program. In addition, various tours that we have described in this travelogue, also be quite pricey. It may therefore be a good idea to use the travel company to arrange some of the trips. Presumably - and hopefully they -has some good agreements with the organizers in Iceland.

Hotel / Hostel?
Fortunately, prices of hostels and hotels quite reasonable. Moreover, it is a clear advantage that the city is quite small and therefore do not need to spend money on transport to get around the city itself. Everything is also quite centrally so that students can easily walk into town (if they can afford) and get home safely.

Also, try to visit an Icelandic supermarket. Pay special attention to all the American candy and other branded products. It is funny that way to see how Iceland's contact with the US is much stronger than the switch to Europe.

There are many delicious delicacies from the Island, as it is important that you try. Here we at Student Guide specifically highlight their lovely beers that are produced in different places on the island. Icelanders are very proud of their local beer, and when the beers do not enjoy special attention at home, it is a unique and special experience of tasting them. Cheese in all its forms is also a local specialty that you should pounce upon.

After learning from

Once we going to Iceland again - because IT must we - it's some thing we will do differently here in the Student Guide. Firstly we will prioritize nature above all else. Reykjavik is fine and nice city, and it is hard to say anything negative about it. But it is the Icelandic nature that really packs a punch.

When we were leaving last time, we were not aware of what the different agencies had to contribute. We ordered almost just at the first best. Next time we go, we will advance to be clear about what we want to see / experience. So if we want to get out and ride, we will see volcanoes or geysers etc. So we will based on the select our travel agent. There is a big difference in which tours the various agencies have to offer - and there can also be quite a big difference in prices.

By doing it this way, we will hopefully have a more tailored the trip to suit our desires.

In conclusion

In other words, Reykjavik nice and tidy, but it alone can not cope with a study visit. You have to get out and see something Icelandic nature! But it is dælme also worth traveling for!
Experience for yourself Island - and get going for the best price