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Are you going to eat well in Copenhagen? So do you feel well, look this page through. Here we had collected and rated the best restaurants in Copenhagen. You can include gain insight into the restaurant the price group, quality of food and water, control, comfort, and their beer prices. In addition, it is our link to the menu, directory showing the restaurant's location in Copenhagen as well as contact information easy to get you off to eat instead.

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  • Restaurant Dubrovnik

    Restaurant Dubrovnik

    Restaurant Dubrovnik is one of the capital's quaint eateries - quite centrally located in Studiestræde. If you are not from the town, we can tell that it is close to Tivoli Gardens, Stroeget, and not least the Central Station. The restaurant's decor is inspired by Balkan area, and here you will always be able to enjoy the very special atmosphere and unique ambience, and well-prepared food.At…

  • Jensen's Steak House

    Jensen's Steak House

    In the heart of the vibrant Copenhagen you will find 4 of the 42 different Jensens Restaurants, which are spread over Scandinavia. Founder, Palle Skov Jensen, has managed to spread the known chain in the north, so that you can find a total of 28 restaurants in Denmark, 12 in Sweden and 2 in Norway. In the heart of the vibrant Copenhagen you will find 4 of the 42 different Jensens Restaurants, which…

  • Le Sommelier

    Le Sommelier

    Are you going to spend a little extra on a really good dinner, then Student Guide highly recommend Le Sommelier, where the food, service and the wine is always in top at reasonable prices in relation to quality.Le Sommelier…