Reinwald's Restaurant

Reinwald's Restaurant

Reinwald's Restaurant is a Danish restaurant that serves gourmet cuisine made from seasonal, fresh ingredients. At the same time Reinwald's Restaurant offer a really exciting wine list, with a fairly large selection of good wines.

Reinwald's Restaurant is located in the Queen's own city, Copenhagen. At the corner of Farvergade and Gåsegade - close to the cozy little square Vandkunsten, and on the Copenhagen big and famous shopping street "Stroget", Town Hall Square and Tivoli. Explore the city's narrow streets and alleys and fall in with Reinwald's when hunger and thirst arises.

Have you tasted bear?

As a new year we will get the bear rose on the menu when the game season starts in October. Bear meat is a great specialty, and comes from northern Sweden. See our bears' menu on our website from the end of September. Also check out our website if you need to keep Christmas party this year. We have several different options to offer you, both large and small companies.


Salmon consommé with salmon, leek, small fried scallops and curry foam kr. 125, - fried redfish with white beans, roasted chanterelles and garlic kr. 95, - fried chanterelles and Burgundy snails in kantarelsmør with garlic and croutons kr. 135, - pickled pork with root vegetables in saffron jelly kr. 115, - Carpaccio of okselår with lemon oil, salad and parmesan kr. 75, -


Classic Caesar salad kr. 75, - Burgundy snails (8 pcs.) In garlic with parsley and croutons kr. 95, - Classic French onion soup kr. 75, - Confit de Canard on roasted potatoes in duck fat and balsamic glace kr. 125, - Small minute steak with salad, bearnaise and fries kr. 150, -


Today's catch of fish prepared by fish species kr. 195, - Thin slices of salmon with roasted chanterelles and small fried scallops in beurre blanc with chives kr. 210, - Braised lamb shank with thyme, lemon and artichoke hearts in chervil broth kr. 195, - grilled beef medallion with Madagascar pepper, herb sauce, dried apricot and celery potato kr. 225, - Wild duck roasted with apples, cinnamon and calvados, celery and small roasted potatoes kr. 215, - grilled American beef fillet with bearnaise, homemade french fries, salad and almond beans 200 gr.- kr. 225, - 275 gr.- kr. 275, -


3 kinds of "home turned" ice cream with crunchy kr. 75, - Warm apple tart baked with marzipan, almonds and vanilla ice cream kr. 98, - Chocolate tart with passion sorbet kr. 89- 3 or 5 cheeses with olives kr. 75 , - / 110, - A LA CARTE CARD AND Reinwalds 3 COURSE MENU CHANGES BEGINNING OF EACH MONTH AFTER the square SUPPLY AND DEMAND.


H.C. Ørstedsvej 28A
1879 Frederiksberg C

Contact info

Telefon: 33 91 82 80

Opening Hours

Onsdag - lørdag: 17.00 - 23.00


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Reinwald's Restaurant
Reinwald's Restaurant
Reinwald's Restaurant
Reinwald's Restaurant