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  • Health & Fitness Folk School Courses

    Health & Fitness

    On Heath and fitness you spent all your muscles in the body. You can throw with kettlebells, running intervalløb, train with…

  • Water & Outdoor Folk School Courses

    Water & Outdoor

    With Water & Outdoor line you get lots of experiences. We utilize the surrounding nature of the challenges we give each…

  • Korean Folk School Courses


    South Korea has much to offer beyond Gangnam Style and Taekwondo. It is an old culture of rapid development, which knows how to…

  • Journalism Folk School Courses


    Is your keyboard constant red-hot and your pens worn? Are you constantly searching for the most apposite words and the…

  • film line Folk School Courses

    film line

    Film line is the teaching of film analysis and camera techniques. You learn to become familiar with the production of films and…

  • Danish Language & Culture Folk School Courses

    Danish Language & Culture

    Danish at Askov is training in written and oral Danish especially aimed at foreigners who want to become familiar with the Danish…

  • Teamwork Folk School Courses


    Teamwork education is one of the major subjects in the music line. This is where you can collect and use many of the skills you…

  • Music Folk School Courses


    music In In line profession Music In the interaction, which is the core of teaching. There are primarily played pop, rock and…

  • Sport Folk School Courses


    Physical education is based on that you first of all, get to know a lot of different sports, such that after the stay at the…

  • German in a cool way Folk School Courses

    German in a cool way

    Would you like to feel after about a future of German language and culture really is something for you, "German in a cool way" is…

  • film Drama Folk School Courses

    film Drama

    Film actor line is a targeted program where you are trained to act in front of a camera see. The principles used by the Danish…

  • seasonaire Folk School Courses


    As part of skibumsprojektet you come in earnest in PLUS. The clear objective of the project is to get a job in the Austrian ski…

  • Art Folk School Courses


    Line managers: Iben Tiufkjær At the art-line work with contemporary art as it unfolds through painting, sculpture, drawing,…

  • Outdoor Folk School Courses


    Line manager: Jesper Voldby Guest teachers: Mikkel Friedrichsen etc.Outdoor on Nørgaards School gives you a proper an…

  • EventLab Folk School Courses


    Projects and events with meaning Brandbjerg High School Rocket Factory has an experimental approach to projects and events. Here…

  • Music - Sound House Folk School Courses

    Music - Sound House

    Brandbjerg University has a long musical tradition and music characterize especially the school's creative environment. Music on…

  • Compass Folk School Courses


    Want to get to know yourself and develop yourself? Here is the program for you where you can open up the walking and hides.Be…

  • Write! Folk School Courses


    Line manager: Kristian Næsby Write! on Nørgaards College is a modern and innovative writing line. Here we work not only with…

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The educations at Studenterguiden.dk is divided into a number of categories so you easily can find the most relevant ones. Please choose a category below, hearing from you so we can improve the section.

Education Categories

The educations at Studenterguiden.dk is divided into a number of categories so you easily can find the most relevant ones. Please choose a category below, hearing from you so we can improve the section.

Education - High School Courses

College courses are courses of short or long duration at a high school in Denmark. College Courses must be regarded as breathing space for students who want to improve their skills, seek new inspiration, meet new friends and create lasting social relationships, and prepare for further education. It can for example be if you want to conduct entrance examination for police training or journalist education. Many also take in high school to use it as a sabbatical, where they find themselves and create relationships. School Courses available in as many versions as there are interests. Do you have an interest, and there are about 20 others in Denmark, it is almost certain there is a high school course for it.

College courses can also be short courses where the emphasis is on being good at IT, dance, music, art, or the like.