Glassblowing and Furnace formed glass

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Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses Ingen Engel Højskole
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Engel Højskole
Glassblowing and Furnace formed glass

Glassblowing in Engelsholm allows you to learn and explore glass art at a high level, with professional equipment and dedicated, experienced teachers, who are themselves artists.

You get to work with glass blowing, furnace-formed glass, glass casting, etc. It offers 16 weekly lessons on line courses.

Glassblowing is a 2000 years old craft. The techniques they used back then are identical to the techniques we use today. Glassblowing is hot, fast and temperamental.

On Engelsholm you can experience a fascinating workshop where work with 1150 degrees, fl performance glass. Engelsholm is one of the only schools in Denmark, which offers glass-blowing

In working with furnace-formed glass, you have control over things, and there is time for thorough consideration of the design, function, form, color and decoration.

You will be thoroughly introduced in the work of burning theory, programming the oven's computer and different firing modes: fusing, tack-fusing and slumping. We work with BullsEye glass and fl oat / window glass.

The different workshops invite project oriented teaching, where different types of glass techniques and challenge each other.

Since the high school has both a glassblower and a workshop for furnace-formed glass, here is a unique opportunity that does not fi NDEs many places to immerse themselves in all perspectives of working with the material glass.

Glass Workshops are equipped with many workstations, which allows both to work sculpturally and produce effective things in your own design.

We also offer training in more advanced techniques such as Venetian and traditional Nordic manufacturing methods.

As part of the course you will receive a thorough introduction to the use of glass workshop, glass furnaces, tools, etc.

Furnace formed glass

Furnace formed glass is your opportunity to learn the work of preparing 2-dimensional works such as f. Ex reliefs.

To prepare the product in the furnace-formed glass must first make a "brick" of blue clay. There can be pressed different things into the clay so that the imprint located "inside" glass. Otherwise there can be built smaller shapes on top of the clay, so the imprint "going out" glass.

The clay to be subsequently cast into a plaster mold. When the plaster mold has hardened, removing the clay and the mold is ready to be filled with molding glass. The shape is inserted into the furnace for casting. Work with non-colored cast glass and colored Bulls-Eye glass.

There are examples of molded reliefs. How mixed plaster mass. Calculation of the oven program. Location of the mold in the oven. Finishing the cast reliefs.

Elapsed Furnace formed glass contains the following courses / lessons:

- Introduction to fusing / slumping - prelude to screen printing.

- Fine, glass and ceramics (joint project) Serigraph

- Casting of sculptures in glass

- Fusing of Murini and ordnance-fusing

- Casting and mixed media