Piano / keyboard line

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City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
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Education Institution The Rhythmic School
Piano / keyboard line

On piano / keyboard line will get private lessons in piano, piano workshop and playing piano on an interplay team. In addition there is a wide range of subjects, some shared by all, others are electives. Outside school hours, all of our facilities open so that, for example, can be practiced, played in leisure bands or made studio recordings.

Work especially with chords, games for figuration, voicing, and various methods of improvisation, and you will also get to talk about various great tools such as ear training, interval training and interception.

Piano and Keyboards covers a very broad area within the rhythmic music today. Piano or grand piano is of course the main instrument, but because of the endless sound possibilities occupies keyboards without doubt an equally important place in the music. Just think of vintage keyboards from the 70s such. Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3 and old analog synthesizers.

piano Workshop

There is a module with a piano / keyboard workshop in all common schema weeks. Here are all piano students gathered in a workshop where technical and musical problems of any kind can be addressed. The course also provides an excellent yield on the social level, because you get a great opportunity to teach your "instrument colleagues " better to know, ie You get a good understanding to help and inspire each other. The course changes character several times during the semester and also offers great workshops in the hall for the entire music line.

Individual lessons

At the piano, we work with technology (fingering, hand position mm), feeling, voicing and improvisation, and on keyboards we work with the very different roles in music for keyboard player. Including choice of sounds, synthesizer-building and opportunities. Work with notes and chord symbols, but also what to teach music "on the ear ". Listening numbers or solos and use the ideas in a different context or own numbers, is a great method to learn to understand the potential of the instrument. It is very inspiring and probably the most important tool of all. Solo Tuition is of course based on your level. Moreover, it is also important to organize the teaching in relation to your activities also on the interplay team and in extracurricular bands at the school. The intention is to give you the best opportunities to test methods and ideas from the solo classes in a current together game-situation. To get inspiration and "a taste " to go ahead with the music.


The difference between a good solo pianist and a real keyboardist / pianist in a band, is not insignificant. Here is your 'touch ', your taste and choice of sounds, including helps to define a personal style, and the band 'sound '. The ensemble will get an introduction to basic accordpedements principles and practice and guidance in disciplines such as: Coordination / rhythm training, improvisation, programming of sounds, figuration and expandability.

line Timer

This is a weekly 2-lesson module which will change content during the semester. In the beginning there will be tiered theory / ear training for all, but after about 4 times there will be the possibility to choose between different line-related subjects. This could be; - SDS (Song, Dance and Play) - theory and ear training - "Open Door", "Free Improvisation", or Intuitive Improvisation - Improvisation - Singing Workshop - Rotation

The equipment

As a piano / keyboard player you can explore a wide range of keyboards and acoustic instruments. There are three grand pianos of the school. In the hall you'll find a Steinway B, in practice 3 a Sauter and in practice 2 a Yamaha. We also have a Yamaha piano in practice 1. There is obviously stage-piano and synthesizer in all of our practice rooms. Blue. Yamaha P-200, P-80th Korg Triton and Motif-6 and Clavias Nord Lead 2 and Nord Electro.