German in a cool way

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City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
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Education Institution School Baltic Sea
German in a cool way

Would you like to feel after about a future of German language and culture really is something for you, "German in a cool way" is just for you! The project is designed for you that will test your skills and learn the same with others with the same interest. If you choose a future at one of the country's business schools or universities that offer German language and culture, you come with a stay at School Baltic Sea started with the study.

Language Teaching
Communicative focus will replace rote learning
We focus on the communicative teaching - being able to talk. The goal of the 3½ - 4 months at the school are you going to be able to speak and understand German. We deal also with German grammar, because we see grammar as an important tool when you learn a language. Our language teachers are Germans, and therefore have the best conditions to train your ordforåd and your pronunciation. The options you have nowhere else than with us!

Danes and Germans with the same goal
Part of your high school friends are Germans who want to learn Danish. It offers extraordinary opportunities to be together and learn languages 24-7. Together with you break down the invisible barrier that prevents people from communicating across borders.

It does not have to cost a fortune going to college.

16 weeks "German in a cool way" you get for less than 20,000 kr. - And then study trip even included.

16 high school weeks á 995, - kr.
15 920, -

10-day study trip to Berlin
3995, -

19 915, -

Job Opportunities

Export Officer, account manager etc.

Application deadlines

ongoing enrollment