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City Denmark
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Category Folk School Courses
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Education Institution International People's College
global Citizen

Become a part of the fellowship and unity som omfatter other cultures from all over the world.
The IPC, International People's College there are students from more than 30 lande around the world, som træffer school a cultural center.
The aim of the school is for you to meet other cultures and become a global citizen. Learning from others around the world opens your eyes for a better understanding and helps you blivit more Accepting and Respecting towards others.
When you become a global citizen, you take responsibility for others, for the world we live in and for how we all interact together.

You will be subjects like Global Challenges , Intercultural Communication , and Human Rights & Active Global Citizenship , whichwill make you curious for more and øge your level of tolerance. Just because you are Taught about human rights does not mean you'll be a human rights activist. You'll just kunna understand the world we live in and seek two find the best solution for everybody trots the cultural differences.

The viktigaste aspect of the education is udvikle your own self control and confidence two sub position yourself as a part of the world and how you can make a change. When you blivit aware of this, you will become a global citizen!

Feel like a part of a community with other cultures from around the world. On the IPC (IPC) has students from more than 30 different countries, making the school into a cultural melting pot.

This is exactly what the school's goal is - to live and learn from people and cultures from around the world. Some schools specialize in sports, others in art - IPC is the cultural meeting, the global understanding and international know-how key areas of focus - At IPC trained global mind to become active global citizens.

International Studies and citizens of the world
Global citizens are people who take responsibility for the planet, engage in the world with others. With topics such as Global challenges, Intercultural Communication and Human Rights & Aktiv world citizen strives school at creating more tolerant, conscious and curious citizens of the world. Being a global citizen does not necessarily mean that you have to fight for human rights or that have a great interest in politics. At IPC it means to be a global citizen of the world that you can celebrate cultural diversity and always seeking to understand global differences that you see them as opportunities for innovation and change rather than obstacles.

Most important for the global citizen is the ability to influence the world through mastery of his own life. When you realize who you are to understand what you do, then you will understand the connection between your actions and the actions of others. Becoming aware of this fact of life in a modern and globalized world is the first step towards becoming an active global citizen of the world!

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