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Hairdressers, many of in Aarhus, and it can be difficult to know which hairdressers are both good, cheap and offer you a student discount. It's also nice to be able to find such. a hairdresser who do not require an appointment, if it is urgent.

No matter what you want from your hairdresser, so you no longer take chances! Find your new hairdresser, in Aarhus, here in's hairdresser guide and get a nice hairstyle for the next studio party. Indeed, we have compiled the best hairdressers from Aarhus with detailed information about each below.

The hairdressers who recommend in Aarhus is located at the top of the guide below. These are also the hairdressers which you can find most information on this site. Enjoy!


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  • H&M Salon

    H&M Salon

    If you are looking for a salon in the heart of Aarhus, which has extremely student-friendly prices, a central location and cute and talented hairdressers, then H&M is definitely the place for you. The salon can be found at Park Allé 9. The main features of this salon are that there is high quality, customer satisfaction and a relaxed atmosphere, which you will definitely experience when…



    A hair salon with cozy atmosphere for all, and a high level, it is characterized for RASK. There will be catered to the individual customer, and made sure that as a customer is happy with the result before you walk out the door. There is room for a chat about everything under the sun, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea or cocoa, and on hot summer days, cold water, juice or a cold beer looking to…

  • Cosmo Coiffure

    Cosmo Coiffure

    Cosmo Coiffure is a stylish hair salon at Vestergade 46 in Aarhus, where individual and personal counseling is the main thing - at the same time respecting your own unique and personal style in the draft hairstyle. Are you unsure…

  • Hair Society

    Hair Society

    Are you looking for a skilled hairdresser in Aarhus who can make sure your next hairstyle is right in the closet? Then the Hair Society is just the place for you! Here, the skilled hairdresser, Rikke Mikkelsen, ensures that you…

  • D & D

    D & D

    Cherish you much about your hair, and leave you only the brightest get your hands on it? So you can safely drop by D & D, where you meet the holder Dorde, which is one of Aarhus' absolute best hairdressers. Salon D & D is…

  • Barber Bladt

    Barber Bladt

    Amid the beautiful Latin Quarter in Aarhus, is the friendliest hair salon, hairdresser Bladt. The salon is very popular, and among customer favorites in Aarhus. Barber Bladts concept is a "Drop-In Service", which means you can come whenever you want, as hairdressers working without appointment. Therefore Barber Bladt offer you an optimal treatment and counseling, as staff are not pressured by…

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