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Hairdressers, many of in Aarhus, and it can be difficult to know which hairdressers are both good, cheap and offer you a student discount. It's also nice to be able to find such. a hairdresser who do not require an appointment, if it is urgent.

No matter what you want from your hairdresser, so you no longer take chances! Find your new hairdresser, in Aarhus, here in's hairdresser guide and get a nice hairstyle for the next studio party. Indeed, we have compiled the best hairdressers from Aarhus with detailed information about each below.

The hairdressers who recommend in Aarhus is located at the top of the guide below. These are also the hairdressers which you can find most information on this site. Enjoy!


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    In autumn 2010, the hairdressing salon SIGNATURE certified as a Green Salon, as one of just two salons in Aarhus. To become certified, the salon meet certain environmental criteria. SIGNATURE is certified in category Green and Sustainable. There used exclusively pure products, no carcinogens, endocrine disrupters or allergens. You'll also find a wide range of green and especially organic products.…

  • H&M Salon

    H&M Salon

    If you are looking for a salon in the heart of Aarhus, which has extremely student-friendly prices, a central location and cute and talented hairdressers, then H&M is definitely the place for you. The salon can be found at Park Allé 9. The main features of this salon are that there is high quality, customer satisfaction and a relaxed atmosphere, which you will definitely experience when…

  • Cosmo Coiffure

    Cosmo Coiffure

    Cosmo Coiffure is a stylish hair salon at Vestergade 46 in Aarhus, where individual and personal counseling is the main thing - at the same time respecting your own unique and personal style in the draft hairstyle. Are you unsure…

  • Salon Matin

    “WE ARE POPULAR DUE TO THE GOOD SERVICE & LOCATION IN AARHUS C” At Salon Matin, it's about you and your wishes. We listen, ask questions and follow up with concrete options for realizing the look that you have in mind.…

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