Hairdresser Dorthe Ørum

Do you want to visit a hairdresser in Trøjborg near Århus, who will satisfy you and your wishes for your hair? Then take a walk past Frisør Dorte Ørum at the address Tordenskjoldsgade 56! Here they do not follow the ripe - but they create it.

In this salon, competent staff are always ready to advise you with tips and tricks in the latest fashion and latest trends in the hairdressing world, and they are always ready to help you if you have any questions. Here you will be guided and guided by the talented hairdressers, all of whom have the 4-year-old hairdresser training, which confirms that they are all extremely competent.

Owner Dorte Ørum has been in the hairdressing industry for 33 years. She has both the 4-year hairdressing education, and in addition she is also a trained beautician. In addition to her work in the salon, Dorte has previously taught at hairdressing school and further education. She has participated in many different courses in Denmark but also abroad, and is therefore extremely competent.

The products used in the salon are hand-picked by them, and they have made sure that they are the very best products on the market. Therefore, you are ensured that your hair is delicious when you leave the salon, with the best products in your hair. Furthermore, it is ensured that all products are green and organic. That is, they are the ultimately cleanest and most environmentally friendly, and without a lot of different chemicals. They are therefore the best products for you.

As a student it is also a good idea for you to choose to take a walk past Frisør Dorte Ørum the next time you are cut. You get a favorable student discount of 10% here in the salon. Then you are a student, and if you are missing a place to have your hair cut in Aarhus, which has a student discount, then it is perhaps here that you have to look past!

The salon is focused on you as a customer, and care is taken to have a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the salon. In addition, they at Dorte Ørum want you as a customer to receive a personal and professional treatment. You get an advice that suits you and your personal style, so that your new hairstyle is perfect for you.

If you want to see different results from the salon and read more about them, you can both find them on their website or on their Facebook page.

Student Discounts

As a student you get 10% in the salon.


Tordenskjoldsgade 56, 8200 Århus N

Contact info

Tlf: 86 10 62 11

Opening Hours

Mandag-fredag: 09.00 – 17.30
Lørdag-søndag: LUKKET