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If you are from the Aarhus area, we are in no doubt that you have heard of the portable hair salon hvorduvil.

The hairdresser Hans-Henrik Juhl behind the salon which opened in 2013 has several years experience in hairdressing and has now finally opened his own business.

Remember you can book your treatment via SMS or phone on 2680 7260 - you can also send a mail with your wishes for your treatment

The salon is not just an ordinary hairdressing salon but has become a phenomenon in the city. Thus, you can at hvorduvil even order a time and place where you want to cut. Thus, you can book the hairdresser to come to you to get a haircut or otherwise. Do you want to cut or having hair dyed your living room? At work? Or maybe it fits you best in the park? Everything is possible as long as it is in the Aarhus area.

Why for example. do not invite your friends to a hårfrisørs party where you have arranged for a hairdresser? Hans-Henrik Juhl thus guaranteeing a student group discount for you and your comb rates.

Special event Friday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY:

Get hair done in a real photography studio and get a Facebook portrait included. The event is still taking place on Nørrebrogade 16 (now 16B). Go into the yard, then to the left, up the stairs on the first floor right in the studio with Max Rosborg photography.
Send your booking per. mail or call / write SMS on 2680 7260

Student Discounts

There given student discounts depending on the type of treatment. Contact Hans-Henrik on mail or call / write sms at 2680 7260th Hans-Henrik always find a good price!


Nørrebrogade 16b 1.sal
8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 26 80 72 60

Opening Hours

Alle ugens dage mellem kl. 8.00 - 20.00 - Dog med undtagelse af Helligdage.


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