H&M Salon

H&M Salon

If you are looking for a salon in the heart of Aarhus, which has extremely student-friendly prices, a central location and cute and talented hairdressers, then H&M is definitely the place for you. The salon can be found at Park Allé 9.

The main features of this salon are that there is high quality, customer satisfaction and a relaxed atmosphere, which you will definitely experience when you visit the salon. Here the customer is at the center and the hairdressers have a great deal of detail and give you a competent advice.

The salon is centrally located and has a nice light from the street. Here you can sit in the salon and get your hair organized while overlooking the street. Facing the street there is a large glass wall that gives good light in their small salon. The location certainly makes it easy for you to get past this if you are in Aarhus. In the salon, the two skilled hairdressers, Jan and Heva, make sure you get a nice new hairstyle that you will definitely be happy with. Here, the skilled hairdressers work concentrated to give it exactly what you want. In addition, they use delicious products, which helps to create a healthy and well-groomed hairstyle. Some of these products include their Morroccanoil series, which is also extremely popular.

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In addition, here in the salon they are updated on the latest techniques, which helps to give you a good experience and create the best results. As a student it is especially a great advantage to visit this particular salon. The prices are really student friendly and you can get away with 219 kroner for a women's clip if you are a student. In addition, the price is DKK 149 for a men's clip if you are a student. Therefore, you are clearly talking about student-friendly prices when you choose to visit H&M Salon in Aarhus. Whether you are looking for a salon that can cut your hair, color your hair or maybe fix your brows or lashes, you will find this at this particular salon. In addition, it is also possible to have stripes or permanent curls made.

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Although prices are cheap, the quality is definitely still top notch. The competent hairdressers do not compromise on the quality, and they ensure that you get a result that you are satisfied with. This is also possible to read more about on their Facebook page, where their customers describe how satisfied they are with their treatment.

Studenterguiden.dk can highly recommend you to sit in the chair at H&M Salon and enjoy a quality haircut and feel the love for the hair that the skilled hairdressers have! The prices are incredibly student friendly and everyone can join in here. The many years of experience mean that you are guaranteed an extremely competent treatment, whether it is the brow hair that needs to be trimmed, the hair that needs to be refreshed with color or a whole new style change, the skilled hairdressers at H&M Salon are ready to welcome you .  

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Park Alle 9
9000 Aarhus

Contact info

Telefon: 86 13 46 38
Email: lava7872005@hotmail.com

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 10.00 - 17.00
Fredag: 10.00 - 17.30
Lørdag - søndag: Lukket