Save money with DSB Wildcard

Save money with DSB Wildcard

As a student in Denmark, you often have to travel to the big city, to get closer to his institution. It also means that there may be put back to the family and the mother's fleshpots. It will not be just more fun that the DSB takes care princely paid for a train ride from f. Ex Copenhagen to Odense - it may itch in the budget for some time to use public trains to travel with.

Are you a student and holder of the student's best friend, a student, then there is a lot of money to save on train travel with DSB. With a DSB Wildcard hand or app saves you between 25-50% on all train travel in the Kingdom of Denmark. The discount is different on individual days, but to be felt. Do you travel abroad, you can with DSB Wildcard save up to 25% on train travel.

To apply for a DSB Wildcard, you must be between 16 and 25 years. Are you over 26 years at SU, so you can also get Wildcard, but should you buy a DSB station - are you between 16 and 25, you can order your DSB Wildcard online for the tidy sum of 150 crowns - money that is quickly recouped.

Benefits: DSB Wildcard valid for a whole year. As long as you have it, there is plenty of money to save.

  • Get up to 50% off the standard rail travel in Denmark, when you pass a price limit
  • Get 20% off your Sound Tickets with DSB Wildcard
  • Get WildCard discount in the 7-Eleven on DSB Stations
  • Access to buy cheap Youth Tickets and DSB Young Folding seat tickets
  • Opportunity to travel with travel card in person young