Get beautiful gel nails on a student budget

Get beautiful gel nails on a student budget

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Just because you're a student, you don't have to be cheated of beautiful nails. Read along and learn how you can easily make your study money last longer and at the same time be able to afford to beautify your nails with gel.

Because if you belong to the group that uses social media on a daily basis, you probably have an influencer or two that you follow and are inspired by. And who hasn't scrolled down over a picture of beautiful nails and thought: "wow, I'd like to have those!"?. Because they are super nice and the trend with nail art doesn't seem to be going anywhere. But hey, the good news is that you too can have them!

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During the years with corona, and also in the time after, beauty treatments for home use have become much more easily available than before, and many have really opened their eyes to how convenient and easy it is to manage the beauty routines themselves from home.

And if you're already crazy about beautiful nails and gel products, you can easily manage your nail art yourself with a little cleverness on your fingers. On top of that, at a much cheaper price than if you were to follow in your favorite influencer's footsteps and get gel applied in a clinic.

The market for nail art has gradually developed in a very positive direction. In addition to the fact that the products have been improved and are much easier to use, some of the gels have also gained better abilities to level themselves. In this way, you avoid an uneven or crooked surface on your new nail and it is therefore a little more fun to make gel nails . Recently, new and healthier alternatives to the well-known gel brands have been developed, and if you are worried about getting gel nails because someone has told you about parabens and bad things in gel products, there are now nail gels that are completely free of harmful parabens and unnecessary chemistry.

As a young person and perhaps especially as a student, you spend a lot of energy on finding your own way. You've probably been bombarded with good advice from well-meaning family members and others who want to try to point you in a certain direction, whether it's career choices, lifestyle or hobbies, or appearance.

You might want to have an idea of what you dream about, but it can be really difficult when you don't have the wisdom and all the answers yet, and therefore it is also an obvious time to try something different in the attempt to find yourself .

Some choose a sabbatical, others try their hand at different projects or almost completely change their identity and suddenly go all in on a certain look or interest, such as punk rock or cake baking. It is in the young years and during the study period that you have the opportunity to experiment, and it can actually be fun.

Maybe you've taken the plunge for a new exciting hairstyle or maybe you've become curious about what it would be like to be her with the wild nails. With the gel products, you will easily be able to experiment from home and quickly become really good at creating nail art and different looks yourself.

It doesn't have to be 29 different colors from the start, but if you have a starter pack and a few colors, you are already well on your way and have all the prerequisites to achieve your favorite looks.

And then it's a fun and quite creative process, which has quickly paid for itself and made your study money last longer, compared to having to pay for new gel nails from a trained technician. In fact, you will approx. after 3 times of use, having earned all the money in comparison with the price at a clinic, so it works well with a pressed economy.

And who knows, maybe it can be a little help on the way to finding your own signature look.

Nails, like a hairstyle and the rest of our clothing, can very easily show who we are and what we like. And precisely for this reason, you have an obvious opportunity to signal what you want.

If you have been to an internship or job interview, you may have carefully selected your clothes beforehand and thought about how you would like to be perceived. Nails can contribute to the same.

They can very easily tell a little about your personality and quickly express whether you are perhaps creative or playful with e.g. nails in wild colors and animal prints, or whether you prefer to appear in a more serious waywith a classic or subdued style.

The smart thing is that the nails can always be changed. Depending on which type of gel product you have chosen to apply, the gel can be easily removed with acetone or by filing the gel product off.

You can try your hand and always change your mind. And there are really many membership clubs and groups online, where you can get help and inspiration to learn more about what suits you .