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Rent subsidies - help for students on housing benefit

Rent subsidies - help for students on housing benefit

Now you hopefully have recorded on your dreams studio or on standby until there is space. For most means admission to a higher education that you will have to move to one of the big university cities - Copenhagen, Århus, Odense, Roskilde, Aalborg, Kolding and Sønderborg.

This article assumes that you have already found a place to stay - it can be a private apartment or dorm room. Once you have signed your lease, so you need to find out if you can receive rent subsidies.

Money for more with rent

Life as a student is not always a bed of roses, and the money should be any number of both studies, everyday life and a little fun in their free time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply for housing allowance from your municipality. Rent subsidy is a form of social benefit that is sought by all people who are tenants and do not receive a social pension. Housing lock works by you apply your municipality to assess your housing situation for support. Housing fuse is individual and is calculated based on your current income, rent per m2 and other parameters. Basically, it can easily pay for most students to seek housing - the performance is on average about 500-600 kroner per recipient. It is for many students a significant contribution to the monthly rent.

The prerequisites for being able to get housing allowance

Before you start searching your local council housing benefit, you must be aware of the conditions that apply:

- To receive housing subsidy you must stay to rent an apartment that has a kitchen with a drain.
- You can NOT receive housing benefit if you share a kitchen or bath with another f. Ex a dorm. In the case of a private apartment, this rule of course not.
- Do you live in a commune, then you should be aware that only one of the tenants receive rent subsidies. Tenants in a housing arrangement is treated as a family.

Conforms to the requirements, then you should just use the internet to make out your application and send the application to your municipality. Rent subsidy sought easiest through - here you can via the Internet enter all relevant information to the municipality. You must be aware that you must submit documentation and annexes in addition to your electronic application, it is, among other things, on lease, tax returns, annual statements, pay slips and other information.

Pr. March 1 is the new authority Payments Denmark has this function. Citizens must through seek housing benefits.