Good advice for thesis student

Good advice for thesis student

Many students must finish their education with a final project, either in the form of an undergraduate project or a thesis. Both projects can make the student frustrated and at times it can be extremely confusing.

But we will give you some tips that can help you to a quiet and satisfying process. Many students at risk very easy to fall into what is known as "specialty swamp". The swamp where the student sits alone in his room or in his study place and works its way deeper and deeper into the swamp, and it's hard to get free and clear a way out. But it does not have to be that way. If you remember seeing thesis writing as a learning process and has certain rules in mind, it can be a positive experience for the students in which he not only learns something professionally, but also get much on a personal level.

1. See the thesis as a challenge rather than an obstacle

First and foremost is important not to fear the thesis in advance, but sees it as a rewarding challenge. Of course it is a demanding process, but if you recognize it from the start, it may even be nice to sit and geek out over the thesis. If you pre fears the project will be easy reluctance and see problems rather than solutions.

2. Know that a thesis takes time!

Next, you houses that one must not underestimate the length of the thesis. Although today's restrictions on a thesis sounds modest, remember that it must be completely worked through, and you can not do during the last month. Hence you have to make room for the thesis. One should remember that it takes much time physically, and not least, the bulk in your thoughts most of the time. - Why they have not time to do a whole lot else beside. Many students leans back in specialty time and think that six months is plenty to 60-70 pages. Many are taking on additional student jobs, but it can be dangerous. - It takes much time and energy from the important. - You have to give the thesis space!

3. Get started!

It is especially important to quickly sits down at the computer and get written down. Most use the first part of the thesis time to get acquainted with the substance and write a lot of notes. But why it is important to determine a day when you really get started. Perhaps it should be strongly later, but it is important to get started, so you get all the good thoughts and considerations into context and in writing. - You can not deliver either notes or your thoughts in your head - they must down in writing!

4. Get your thesis clarified

But of course it's not quite matter what you put into the computer and write. It is important that early stage have made a synopsis and a thesis and an overview of what the project must contain to you reach your thesis. You can head have thought many fine contexts, but you must always remember that you are in the project must have all the explanations and contexts. It is much easier for you to grasp if you have it on paper and see which sections you necessarily have to. The overview also helps you to create a link and a thread throughout the project, so it is either several independent sections, or a long "talk power". You need to ask yourself; What is it you want to say with the project? What should the reader be left with after it is read through? And how do you get there?

5. Limit yourself!

Something that many thesis students have difficulty, but which are essential for the thesis is to define the project. Along the way, you ask a lot of questions like; who, what and how, but it is not any question that you necessarily have to answer. It is important that you limit yourself and stay inside for the relevant. The thesis has just a limited time, in order to prove that you can define you and keep you to the core.

6. Use your supervisor

Finally, it is a good idea to use the studio offers. Eg. you must use your personal coach to a large extent. A personal tutor generally know much about your particular topic, so why not ask him or her for advice when in doubt? The thesis may pose be confusing, so can a tutor help - they have experienced it before! Often a supervisor therefore be able to help you out of a tapAs long as you remember to use him, so he has an idea of ​​how far you've come in your process. Then he will usually be eager to help you.