EBS Wizard - Wizard for a fatter student!

EBS Wizard - Wizard for a fatter student!

EBS Wizard - Wizard for a fatter student!

Perfect balance of fun and education:
Students at EBS user training for many things. As a way to travel the world on finance studies, make new friends, create important network, earn good money and most importantly - have fun.
With 16 schools in 12 different countries train and recruit EBS bartenders from around the world. This makes the European Bartender School to the world's only bar training - and travel concept.

The European Bartender School is nationally recognized and cooperate with the hospitality sector.

Easy to find a job
EBS enables bartenders to get thousands of barjobs abroad and at home via recruitment service: matchstaff.com . Here you will easily find an exciting student job in the catering industry. So you do not need to sit at the counter in the net, or hit the neighbor's grass for abject Marmon.

Perfect balance:
Bar program is based on a perfect balance between fun and education. The only program that makes it fun to be a particularly attractive bartender in a short time. EBS believe that you learn more quickly if you have fun while you learn.

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That is how it works:
On the course you will get the winning skills that are necessary to be noticed and hired anywhere as a bartender. During the four weeks you will stay behind the bar, where you will get a lot of practical experience and become familiar with the rhythm and mood while you develop your skills in mixing drinks. You will find effective ways to overcome nervousness and make a lasting impression on anyone you communicate with the bar or elsewhere in your privacy.

High demand:
More and more canteens after asking staff who either have experience or training in the industry. With a degree from EBS you come often in front of the queue. Many canteens know about training from EBS, which surely will give you a huge advantage when obese student must be landed.

We have Studenterguiden.dk got a deal with EBS, which means that as a student you get kr. 500 in discounts at EBS. This is regardless of which school in the world you want to use!
You can book your stay through this link: http://www.bartenderskolen.dk/tilmelding/bartender
Remember to use the code SG2013 when ordering!