Student Travel - your guide!

Student Travel - your guide!

Student Travel introduction

Student Driving is an old Danish tradition, which form actually originated way back in the 1920s. However, it was only something you really did, after the liberation of Denmark in 1945. Back then drove one carriage and today runs one of the trucks, but the point of anything is still the same. To celebrate one a college graduate.

There is a year in the neighborhood of 1,500 classes, approximately 40,000 students occupying the streets of the so-called student incubators, which are usually the week after final exams. This article / guide is intended for future students or others interested, and contains advice for the day of your student driving, but is also a guide to how you prepare the best possible way.

Table of contents:

  • This is how the day typical
  • How to book one best his student wagon
  • Tips, tricks and other tips

This is how the day typical

Today's the day, all of which have been waiting for the last 3 years. Someone welcomes more than others, but most are really looking forward to this day and it is also good reason. Student Travel is one of the best and most fun you will experience as a student. The day stresses that it is now finally officially finished his secondary education, has got his hat, and is simultaneously a great end to the year we have had together with his classmates. Typically running either Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it depends on which school you go to when dimissionsdagen vary. One can easily run other days, but these are just the most popular.

The day starts when you meet in front of the school and decorate the wagon with hauler for 1 hour, or that one up decorate the wagon directly after graduation. It varies from school to school, what your traditions are. Some have spray paint and banners with funny slogans to the cart, others have hung pictures up or graphic design. Limited only by imagination. Below are a few examples.


When the vehicle is ready, start the trip itself. The trip typically involves approximately 10 hours of intensive celebration which includes cry, cry, happy people and good food. All these things that belong specifically to this day. Everything is possible and everything is legal right that day, so it is okay to behave a little over the line without mom coming after you. Of course everything in moderation and respect. The whole trip typically includes 15-20 stop, the homes of the students in the class who wish to attend. It is not necessarily all you have to stop by and you can easily join together, if we now live very close to each other, or so far away that it is not possible to get past the route. Usually you can not reach more than 20-25 stop, because you use 10-30 minutes at each stop, the pee breaks and so on. In addition, the vehicle is driven max. 50 kph so it does not go as fast, but it's also perfectly fine .

It's a good idea to plan a good route home, so you are sure that you can reach every stop, and the route is realistic in relation to the vehicle and your limitations. At the parents are typically served with plenty of good food, so do not worry about being hungry along the way. When you have run all day to them as orcs partying on the town, or you may want. the party going at the last stop on the route.

How to book a student wagon

When you book a student wagon there are some different things you have to take into account. Typically should be aware what day you want to run (which day of the week), how fast you get booked (that is 1.2 or 3 years in the future) what additional features you want (DJ, lights, coolers, etc.) and how large car you want. These are some of the most common considerations to do make up in order to find out which one haulage contractor must be addressed. Many typically experience that it is a daunting process when you do not know what a good and bad car is in advance, you do not know what a typical vehicle costs, and you do not know who the truckers to school. One way to get around this problem, can be for example by using an online booking service for example. . Here you can catch namelyfree quote on student vehicles. The advantage is that you only get authorized carriers (trucking companies who have their papers in order and comply with environmental zones, rest periods, etc.) with comparable offers and prices. This makes the process much easier and faster, and you can then easily and quickly booked a car to suit his class needs and wants.

When you book a vehicle, be aware that there are differences in prices depending on which day of the week driving. This means that if you drive a Thursday rather than a Saturday, you will often be able to save up to 40-50% of the price. This is because the Friday / Saturday is typically the most popular days, and therefore there is greater demand for cars. The advantage of running a Friday / Saturday is often that there are many people in the streets as well as many other student coaches, so it makes the experience much more enjoyable and intense when you're out driving. In addition, one can also beckon, greet or bowls with the others you meet along the way, as opposed to if you like driving a Monday where everyone is at work and few others running student driving.



It is always a good thing to book well in advance, and this is especially true for students carts. The closer you get to the day, the higher prices and the smaller the range of vehicles. This has been the past and so it remains highly likely. It is always a good idea to you as soon as possible have obtained some deals along with the rest of the class, so you have plenty of time to find the right vehicle, and to avoid paying overpriced. Always remember that there is a difference in price depending on how big coach should be. Typically, a class with 18-25 students have a much smaller car than one with 30-40 students, which makes sense, so there may well be a big difference here. Depending on how big a car you want, what day you drive, how fast you get booked, and how many extra services you want, such as DJ, a carriage cost anywhere from 15.000 to 45.000 kr.

It is therefore also important that the class gets some consideration in terms of whether you want a DJ on the trip, a photographer, smoke / light show, cooler or anything else that can help to make wagon ride even wilder and funnier. These things always cost extra, and may vary from hauler to hauler. Some offers some things other something completely different, so it may be difficult to give an accurate picture of prices and options. In addition, it is also very different which plant trolley has, and it never goes wrong with a large plant, not on the car ride. Everyone knows that the main system controls the party, and this is especially true on the car ride, then this is worth considering when choosing car.

When you have to pay for his student wagon is typically done over several installments, starting with paying a deposit some weeks after you have had your contract from the hauler. Will the hauler not issue a contract one should consider whether it is the right to run. All the authorized haulage with legal carts, never mind make a contract for the class, so everyone agrees on driving prices, route and so on. The deposit can be anything from 2.000kr for example. 50% of the price of the car, and is used simply as a "reservation" of the vehicle. Then you pay typically 1-2 installments more, which takes place in the months / weeks just prior to driving. Although the final amount must first pay far in the future, it is always a good idea that there is one in the class who is the coordinator, collect the money and keep the dialogue with the hauler. It makes the whole process much easier and smoother.

Tips, tricks and other tips

In this section we have collected an additional number of good advice and tips to you as soon have to drive wagon. Once in you prepare your driving route for students driving, it is important to have an idea of how far you can go. Drill class example very scattered, it can be difficult to reach all. Remember that the hauler can not drive more than 50km / h, and remember to include time at each stop. A good rule of thumb is that you should go for hitting maximum 10-12 hour drive when you stand up in the cart duringthe whole trip, and at this point is pretty smashed. When planning the route should further take into account whether you have any Muslims in the class whose families do not drink alcohol. In this case it may be advantageous to place them at the beginning of the trip, so parents / family the relinquishing of the whole class creates itself and is dung full when they visit them.

For carriage ride, and the subsequent so-called student incubator, is a wide variety of fun regulations that are inscribed on the inside of your student caps. If the will review the rules before you have received your hats can check them all out on this page: Student Driving rules .